The Rangers Are Riding Their Zords in New Poster

The Power Rangers have a new movie coming up, and we still know almost next to nothing about it. Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa looks fantastic, and Bryan Cranston as Zordon is an excellent casting choice, but on the other hand the suits look really strange. Still, I’m personally holding out a lot of hope for this one – the Rangers deserve a good big screen movie, and while I wish this was a little more tied to the established lore of twenty years of television, it still could be really cool.

And today we got a little more info. Lionsgate released a series of new posters featuring the Rangers without their helmets (and suddenly the suits look ten times better, maybe it’s the helmets) lounging on top of their Zords. Check it out:


When I say the Triceratops Zord, I got really excited. The others, I have no idea what part of the Zord they’re even sitting on, so it’s hard to judge. I think Jason’s on the T-rex’s tail? Obviously, there were going to be some redesigns but I hope these things are recognizable as Zords, and what they combine into is recognizable as the original Megaword. Also, those might be the cheesiest captions of all time – which is kind of fitting for the “teenagers with attitude.” What do you think?

Mike Fatum
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