THE PULL LIST – 9/5/2018

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Welcome back to another edition of The Pull List, the apartment down the street of ideas. I’m your host Brian J. Patterson, and we are back again this week to bring you some more cool comic book picks. I call this episode “Lonely” because it focuses on one man’s journey to a far away land, and his willingness to go at it alone to save those for whom he cares. Thanks again for tuning in, and as always…Enjoy!


Publisher: DC

Writer: Benjamin Percy, Artist: Amancy Nahuelpan

In this story we open to our hero about to enter into a motorcycle race to save his friends. Thing is, all the other contestants in the race have similar if not equal stake in the game, and we end with a small twist (which honestly I saw coming). This issue was a slow introduction into the first act of what I’m hoping will be an Odyssean adventure for my second favorite superhero in the world. It is a very straightforward issue as the stakes are clear, and visually brought to life little by little. The cool thing about this book are: 1) the non-traditional setting in which our hero must journey, and 2) the fact that our hero was taken out of his comfort zone and thrust into the preverbal ‘lion’s den’ to champion others. This particular setting gives us the opportunity to test the strength of his moral center and commitment to his mission, while also combating old villains to see if he would treat them the same way under different circumstances. I see great things should Percy allow us to accompany Nightwing on his journey of the trials and tribulations he must endure, in order to save his friends. I just hope that we are taken on that ride and not on a simple cookie cutter beat up the bad guys and leave adventure. The last thing I would want is for Nightwing to loose readers during the journey. Especially since we have such a kick ass artist like Amancy Nahuelpan working on it!

Power level: 7/10

This week, we got a glimpse of a character who must walk a lonely path, into a virtual lion’s den, only accompanied by his convictions. Remember that as you read our quote of the week.

Quote Of The Week: “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.” – Anonymous

Keep your head up and keep the faith as many of you out there continue to risk and sacrifice everything for what you believe in. I’ll see you next week! -Brian

Brian J. Patterson
Brian J. Patterson (contributing writer) is a commercial, film, and theatre actor based in California. He works in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, with some appearances in New York City. His writing for Ace Of Geeks primarily centers around awareness of diversity and positive representation in entertainment. A self proclaimed ‘geek’ having proudly accumulated a comic book collection which has surpassed a net worth of approximately $12K, Brian usually focuses on the ‘comics (or sci-fi) 2 film’ genre. He is honored to have been given the opportunity to work with AceOfGeeks, loves geek culture, and especially loves interacting with fans. His three life dreams are: 1) to be cast as a lead character on a Sci-Fi channel show, 2) be the first openly gay action-film star, and 3) later host a television show which explores diversity within geek culture. You can connect with Brian on all his social media accounts by visiting

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