THE PULL LIST – 7/18/2018

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Welcome back to another edition of The Pull List, the apartment down the street of ideas. I’m your host Brian J. Patterson, and we are finally back this week from an extended break to bring you some cool comic book picks for #NCBD. There has been a lot of tension in the air politically. A few have even compared it to some signs in the end times. Therefore, my dark sense of humor is going to call this episode “666”, as I’m going to pick three comics in their sixth issue. Thanks again for tuning in, and as always…Enjoy!

Brave And The Bold 6BRAVE AND THE BOLD #6

Publisher: DC

Writer: Liam Sharp, Artist: Liam Sharp, Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Liam Sharp has proven once again that he is not only an extraordinary artist, but a master of storytelling via the written word as well. Sharp has beautifully crafted a tale which parallels that of one famous medieval bard. The families at war, the character development, the rise and fall on each side. What I find most remarkable, is that the title characters (Batman and Wonder Woman) have a near ancillary involvement, yet he makes delivery of their complex personalities look easy. Lastly, by the ending of the book, I am curious to see what Sharp might have up his sleeve for Tir Na Nog and their residents.

If there’s anything that I can say about this book, it’s go get it NOW! Oh, and look out Bendis…you might have some competition soon!

Power level: 9/10

KickAss 6KICK ASS #6

Publisher: Image

Writer: Mark Millar, Artist: John Romita Jr.

This final issue is violent and bloody; Exactly what we all love about KickAss. The showdown is nothing other than epic and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Patience doesn’t go without a fight, and as we all know…patience is a virtue.

I highly recommend it! That’s all I’ll say. Now go get it!

Power level: 9/10


XMen Red 6X-MEN RED #6

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Tom Taylor, Artist: Carmen Nunez Careno

Now THIS is the quality of X-Men book which made me fall in love with them back in the 90s. First off, I can’t help but notice the beautiful art that not only harkens back to that time via it’s style, but gives it a modern pop. Carmen Nunez Carnero is by far the MVP of this issue and exactly what this title needed to bring it to an A grade. Carnero brings drama, depth, characterization, power, and truly provides that perfect amount of extra nuance needed for a story such as this. Speaking of story, the first thing that I noticed about it was that there was a lack of action. Instead, the action is in the drama. Making this the perfect build to an epic showdown, which I hope will be coming in a couple of issues.

Power level: 9/10


Today’s list of comics essentially lived up to their highest potential. When speaking about living up to one’s highest potential as a human being, one person comes to mind, and it is Nelson Mandela. Today would have been his 100th birthday. With all of the political tension we have been experiencing now a days, more than ever I feel that it is important to explore his messages. I choose this Mandela quote in particular for our Quote of the Week, and hope that it inspires you the next time you are in political debate with someone.

Quote Of The Week: “If you want the cooperation of humans around you, you must make them feel they are important, and you do that by being genuine and humble!” – Nelson Mandela

Be the best you can be, make the rest of your day amazing, and see you next week! -Brian

Brian J. Patterson
Brian J. Patterson (contributing writer) is a commercial, film, and theatre actor based in California. He works in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, with some appearances in New York City. His writing for Ace Of Geeks primarily centers around awareness of diversity and positive representation in entertainment. A self proclaimed ‘geek’ having proudly accumulated a comic book collection which has surpassed a net worth of approximately $12K, Brian usually focuses on the ‘comics (or sci-fi) 2 film’ genre. He is honored to have been given the opportunity to work with AceOfGeeks, loves geek culture, and especially loves interacting with fans. His three life dreams are: 1) to be cast as a lead character on a Sci-Fi channel show, 2) be the first openly gay action-film star, and 3) later host a television show which explores diversity within geek culture. You can connect with Brian on all his social media accounts by visiting

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