Professor Elemental takes us on an Apequest with a new album

Steampunk M.C. Professor Elemental just dropped a new album on us called Apequest, and boy, is this one a doozy! The album, as a whole, takes us on a ride through time and space, chasing after an ape in trousers. It’s a fun collection of chap hop tracks that feature collaborations with Nick Maxwell, Steam Powered Giraffe, Jon Clark and more. I thoroughly enjoyed myself listening to this, and if you like a good adventure story with a bunch of geeky references thrown in, you will love this too!

Apequest follows the good professor on a search for his orangutan butler Geoffrey, who has been missing since the 4th album. Apparently, the ape has made off with a pair of Professor Elemental’s Time-Travel Trousers!

The first track, “The Replacement,” tells us about how Elemental has tried to hire a replacement butler (“an animal that looks good in clothes”) but just can’t find one that is a good fit, and gives us a little bit of the backstory of what happened the last time Geoffrey was seen.

My favorite tracks:

  • “Under Command of the King” (featuring Teej) – Elemental throws down a rap battle with a king’s storyteller to bargain for his life. Not to be confused with “Epic Rap Battles” from YouTube, but every bit as fun!
  • “Weird Weird West” (featuring Steam Powered Giraffe) – Looking for signs of Geoffrey in the Wild Wild West, this collab is very much Elemental while still reminding me of SPG’s Rex Marksley.
  • “The Inn at the End of Time” (featuring Nick Maxwell) – this is an obvious play on Douglas Adam’s “The Restaraunt at the End of The Universe,” and well-played it is! Of course, I’m sure it was intended as such, but it’s so well done that it would still make sense and be hilarious even if you weren’t familiar with The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or any of the other books.

There is an interesting twist in the story, ’round about track 18 – “Crisis on Infinite Trousers,” in which Elemental meets a future distant descendant and Geoffrey is a hero. He also finds a way back home after the his Time-Travel Trousers malfucntion again.

Once home, he and Geoffrey celebrate. But when Elemental tries to get out of the trousers, there is a computer malfunction. Track 23 – “(not particularly) Secret Track” is a big Space Oddesy: 2001 parody, and it’s done so well that it broke my boyfriend. Nearly killed him, in fact – he choked on his breakfastst, he was laughing so much.

Apequest ranks very high on my OhMyGawdYouGottaCheckThisOut list, and it’s number one on my Weirdly Wonderful list. You should get it. Just don’t eat or drink anything while listening to it – I wouldn’t want you to choke when you laugh.


Raven Knighte
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