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Previously On: The Flash – “Flash of Two Worlds”

I checked out season premiere of The Flash when it was on. I hadn’t been a regular viewer – I caught an episode or two here or there, and put up with the people in my life going “Oooohhhh you reeeallly shoooould watch this.” I finally got sick of hearing that, so I watched it. Then I had to binge on it to get caught up. Thanks, everybody – now there’s one more thing in my life that I can’t live without!


THIS HELMET!!! I can’t live without THIS HELMET!!!

Being late to the game, I have a lot of *duh* moments. Like, when I was getting caught up I was sitting there telling my boyfriend that Wells was a bad guy before it was revealed. He rolled his eyes and shook his head, and patiently encouraged me to just keep watching… gawblessim.  Then of course he laughed at me when I had the “AHA! Told ya!” moment when it was revealed.

Barry needs to take a breather and understand that he can’t possibly be responsible for the effects of things beyond his control. I think that may be my biggest issue with him, he’s a bit of a control freak. Maybe this season, we’ll see something finally click between him and Iris when everyone is done with the mourning. So many people died in that thing with the singularity.

Joe is gonna have his hands full with that cop Spivot. Patty Spivot. Annoying as she is (for some reason she reminded me of Patty Simcox from Grease), she seems to have what it takes to track down meta-humans. I think Jay is going to have an interesting time getting further assimilated into Barry’s universe. He seems pretty old-school, and I can’t help but wonder if we’re going to see what his Earth looks like at any point. Gotta say – I was totally lovin’ his retro costume, especially the helmet.

Tony Todd (the Candyman) is the voice of Zoom! I wonder what happens if someone stands in front of a mirror and says “Zoom!” three times…

Anyway… here’s what you missed last week – Previously On: The Flash!

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We find out that the photographer is not from this reality. His name is Jay Garrick, and he’s been following the team for 6 months learning about them covertly. He tells the lab group that the singularity they created was actually a breach between their own reality and his , and that “Atom-Smasher” was the Al Rothstein from his reality. Now that the breach is open there will be more coming over from his world. Evil bad guy Zoom is bringing others over to kill Flash. Barry runs off to put out a literal fire, and meets a meta-human made of sand.

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When Joe meets him there the next morning to investigate the fire scene, Barry discovers that it was arson. Joe’s new officer is also on the scene. Her name is Spivot…Patty Spivot. She seems really annoying, but very observant. She introduces herself to Barry, gushing about how she’s a really big fan and reads his forensic reports like they were romance novels. She wants to join Joe’s Anti-MetaHuman Task Force really really badly, but Joe says no.

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Back at the lab, the team discusses this new meta-human. Jay tells them that he’s dealt with that guy before – he calls him “Sand Demon.” Jay insists that they are in danger and insists that Barry let him help by teaching him how to defeat this Sand Demon guy. “If you were so good, you would have caught him already,” says Barry. They lock Jay back up. Meanwhile, Dr. Stein is working out theories on a chalkboard, trying to figure out how the physics of the singularity work so they can track it and shut it down for good.

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Joe’s out on the street trailing the suspect, named Eddie Slick. Eddie sees Joe tailing him and runs. Joe chases him, but Slick takes a sudden turn and Joe loses sight of him behind a parked van for a moment. Coming up around the van, he finds that Patty Spivot has the suspect down on the ground, her service weapon drawn.

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“So… can I be on your task force?”

Buuut…. it turns out they have the wrong guy. They have the guy who LOOKS like Sand Demon, but he’s not the meta-human – he’s just an everyday arsonist. Later on, Joe runs into the actual meta-human Sand Demon on the street outside the station and gets knocked on his ass. Patty fires shots at the guy with no real effect other than to make the guy laugh because he’s basically bulletproof – made. of. sand. Helllloooo…. He kidnaps her.

13-Fullscreen capture 10172015 102851 AMCisco has been having visions while he analyzes the skin samples from Sand Demon, and he doesn’t like what he sees – Barry at the scene of the fire, and Slick taunting him. Cisco doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. When Patty gets kidnapped, he goes to Stein and Caitlyn to figure out where Slick took Patty so they can rescue her. Cisco has an idea, and goes back to the skin sample. When he touches it, he gets a vision that shows him where Slick is holding Patty – an abandoned horticulture lab.

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After Iris takes him to school regarding his trust issues, Barry takes Jay up on his offer to train him to beat Slick. Jay tells the team that Slick needs to find humid environments so his sand doesn’t dry out and fall apart – greenhouses, grow rooms and similar places. Cisco goes to Barry with what he saw, and mentions the concussive bomb that Slick is building. Jay tells them that the blast will slow Barry down. They come up with a diversion that involves Jay getting suited up. Slick doesn’t know that Jay doesn’t have his powers anymore in this reality. He still has his costume, except for the helmet. Smiles all around – the team found the helmet.

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You mean THIS old thing?

When they get to Slick’s hideout, Patty is strapped to a chair with a pressure plate detonator wired to the concussive bomb underneath. Jay distracts Slick and Barry jets Patty out of the chair. The bomb goes off, and everyone gets minor knockback damage except Slick. He tells Barry that Zoom brought him here to kill Flash in this reality, and he’s so happy to have two of them to kill. As Slick reaches out and grabs Jay by the throat, Barry winds up and throws a burst of lightning at him. Slick’s sand turns into glass and he falls to the floor, shattering.

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Joe calls Patty into her office for a discussion about why she wants to be on the Anti-MetaHuman Task Force so bad. Her father was killed by a meta-human who robbed him of a few hundred bucks. “There are some bad people out there, and they can do… anything. I may not have powers, but I want to stop them. You’re the only person I know who wants the same thing.” After a brief moment of consideration, he gives her a start time. “Monday morning, 8 AM. Don’t be late.” “Late for what?” “The task force, Detective.” Duuuhrr. As he’s leaving, he runs into his ex-wife Francine in the hall. It’s been a very long time, and she wants to see him – and Iris.

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Back at the lab, Stein is confronting Cisco about his hunches. “Two hunches in one day. Do I need to inform you of the odds of such a prediction?” Nope. Never tell me the odds. Cisco tells him about what’s been going on. Whenever a meta-human shows up, he gets a “vibe” and visions of stuff that’s already happened. Stein insists they have to research this phenomena. Cisco is adamant that they tell nobody. Wells gave him this power, and told Cisco it was his future. Now he’s convinced that it’s evil, and makes Stein promise never to tell anyone.

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Stein and Cisco have been successful in creating a program to detect the wormhole energy, and they found not one but… wait for it… FIFTY-TWO breaches, with the most significant one being right there at STAR Labs. As Stein is telling them what that means, he collapses mid-sentence.

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Meanwhile, in a parallel world, a school group is touring STAR Labs. As the tour guide is explaining what they do at the lab, she pauses and changes gears. “It is my honor to introduce the founder of STAR Labs, and the savior of Central City – Dr. Harrison Wells!”

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