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Previously On: iZombie – “Zombie Bro”

Hey Zoms and Brain Club folks, we’re back with more iZombie!

Last week, Liv was on frat boy brain, and it was just really hilarious. I think it’s fair to say that I laughed my ass off for at least half of this episode, especially when she pranked Ravi while he was napping. But then it turned a little more serious and that was kind of like a needle scratching a record – and not in the good, “DJ drop a beat” kind of way. Major had one job – ONE JOB! He was supposed to be the designated driver for Ravi’s experiment, and he failed.

Now he’s addicted to Utopium. It makes sense, I guess. He’s been depressed. Over the past few months he’s lost his fiancée, his job… and quite literally his life – gee, thanks, Liv. So of course he’s going to turn to drugs to make it go away. That bugs me. I mean, he’s a social worker. He tells kids to JUST SAY NO. Now he’s an addict?!

I’m kind of frustrated that things took that turn. There are a thousand other ways he could have handled this. Oh wait – silly me, this is drama! So… there are 999 other ways he could have handled things… If the writer’s goal was to hit the audience in the madz with this, then it worked for me. Good job! I was having fun with this, but by the end of it I was brought down pretty hard and just a little pissed off at Major.

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The shift in momentum is going to be plenty to keep me interested. This is a good thing, especially after the way things kind of went south with the whole Lowell thing last season. I had started to lose interest. The storyline had gotten a little too predictable – even with the added Sebastian element, and the whole thing with Peyton leaving. That all just felt kind of rushed.

Hopefully by this season’s end, we’ll find out what’s been going on with her while she’s been gone. Aly Michalka REALLY needs to come back – I’m already sick of Liv’s new room-mate.

And now – here’s what you missed last week. Previously On: iZombie

The crime was a frat boy who gets killed by someone in a furry costume. There are no leads, so Liv nukes up some Nachos de los FratBro so she can figure out what happened. She goes to the frat house with Clive to question the guys, and of course ends up being one of the dudes. When they showed up at the frat house, Liv tried to draw a beer from an empty keg. Clive was not amused.

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Nachos de los FratBro

Liv finds almost everything funny as hell, since the brain she ate was apparently the frat house clown. When Liv gets back to the morgue, she finds Ravi taking a nap on the couch. She puts makeup on him, writes “FART” across his forehead, and puts glitter in his beard. Later on, one of the frat bros gets Liv’s deets from Ravi, and invites her to the frat party memorial.

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I found myself wondering what would happen if Liv ate some homeboy brains and then told Clive about her condition – “Check it, homes – I eat brains cuz… zombie, a’ight? Those visions – I be all trippin’ and shit, yo. I got the caseload on lockdown, man – tight. We get the perps. Bam. Done. *mic drop*” Or redneck brain – “Hey, Ravi! Hold mah beer and watch this shit!”

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Meanwhile, Ravi asks Major to be his conscience (and designated sober person) so that he can experiment with Utopium – for research purposes. Yeah, this did end badly. They went to a club, scored some U and Ravi got high. Being depressed over recent life events, Major basically said “fuck it” and decided to get high too. Some random guy found him passed out in a bathroom stall at the club and called Liv from Major’s phone – she was listed as Major’s emergency contact. She leaves the frat party to go collect Major and Ravi. Now Ravi has an embarrassing night at a club to get over, and Major ended up with a hangover and an addiction to U.

"HEY! Who said you could lick the bowl?!"

“HEY! Who said you could lick the bowl?!”

Blaine finds out that the bigger, badder dealer in town is the one killing off his runners. He puts on his dead suit (putting on dead pallor make-up and getting a manicure) and goes to see the Assistant District Attorney. They discuss the issue – this drug dealer is killing off the rich kids, and it’s in the papers. The ADA reminds Blaine that 20 percent of the city’s law enforcement – including judges – are on this guy’s payroll. Blaine insists that now is the right time to put him away. The ADA says he’ll need cash to “grease some palms.” Blaine promises that he will get it, then goes to his father.

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Angus is not all that happy to see his son. He correctly figures out that Blaine wants something. Blaine asks for money. Blaine gives us a brief history of how Angus made it to the top so fast – a simple phone call, some strings pulled, and a family broken. Angus pretty much STOLE the whole family business from his father. Blaine makes it clear that he is in a better position than Angus is to take control of the family business now, and promises to do so. Angus says, “Your grandfather spoiled you.” “My grandfather LOVED me. It’s too bad you don’t know the difference,” says Blaine.

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The frat house killer ends up being a dude who’s family was killed by a drunk driver. He was actually after a guy with the same name who isn’t a student but does the high=school lecture circuit for MADD about the dangers of drunk driving.

Liv goes to collect her replacement phone from Major, but Ravi answers the door. He hands her the phone, and pretty much says “Okthxbai.” She says she wants to talk to Major, and brushes past Ravi. She knocks on Major’s bedroom door, but he tells her he’s busy. She leaves, and he resumes riding in his U-fueled guilt-mobile to his self-pity party.

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