The Power Rangers Movie is Breakfast Club Meets Marvel in First Trailer

The moment you’ve all – well, at least all of you who are huge Power Ranger nerds like I am – been waiting for is finally here. Lionsgate has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming Power Rangers movie, and it looks…actually pretty good? The entirety of this trailer focuses on the parts I was really hoping they would get right: the characters and the story, and it looks very interesting. Very different, but very interesting. Check it out:

The Rangers all seem to meet during detention, and become fast friends – which is good, because a story about the original Rangers shouldn’t be rife with interpersonal conflict. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the movie putting Kimberly and Jason together, but it’s not like Kimberly and Tommy was everlasting true love on the show, so that’s probably fine. And Rita looks freaky as hell, which is really good.

Now we wait to see how well the action holds up in those ugly suits, and for a bit more of the plot. But this is a good start. Consider my hope raised.

Mike Fatum
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