Power Rangers Hyper Force has arrived!

Saban Brands has announced they will team up with the Twitch streaming channel Hyper_RPG to bring a new canon show of Power Rangers to the universe. The unorthodox part is that it will not be a TV show like we’ve known for the past 25-ish years. Instead it will be a tabletop role playing game!

The show will star current Blue Ninja Steel Ranger Peter Sudarso as the Red Ranger Marvin (Or Marv for short), Paul Schrier (Bulk from MMPR/Zeo/Turbo/Space/Samurai) as Jack the Yellow Ranger, Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy & Ranger super fan) as Eddie the Blue Ranger, Cristina Vee (Voices of Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon as well as a slew of other voices) as Vesper the Black Ranger (The first female black ranger in the franchise’s 25 year history) and finally Meghan Camarena (aka Strawburry17 from Youtube) as Chloe the Pink Ranger. The GM (Game Master) of the game will be Malika Lim (Game designer for HyperForce).

Not much of the story has been released as of yet, but the panel held at Twitch Con this year did reveal a few things. The main plot of the story will have the main cast as recruits in the the Time Force program in the year 3016. Their teacher and supervisor will be none other than Jen Scott played then and now by Erin Cahill. She will mold them and work them to because the new team of Rangers. (No word on if Wes is with her or they didn’t work out.) They will travel through time defeating monster after monster to save the world and time itself. Throughout the 25 episode run, multiple past cast members will be appearing to reprise their roles as past rangers. Again, no word on who will be coming back and when.



What we know of the system is that it was created by the people behind HyperRPG itself. CEO Zac Eubank as well as GM Malika Lim. The system will be based off a d6 system and also use cards to further empower the Rangers. The rolls are thus; human form = 1d6, Morphed Form = 2d6 and Zord form = 3d6. When in Megazord form all members will roll their dice together and pool their dice to perform actions. Something that will also be playing a huge part in the system is something Malika calls “Energy”. Energy will be used to do things like Morph, get into the Zords as well as form the Megazord. They will receive energy as they do “Power Ranger things”. They can team up together to perform actions or if they describe an action really well the GM will give them more energy.



Another interesting part of the show will be that the audience can interact with the cast live during the show. Viewers can create a ranger using suits from past seasons and use that Ranger, who is tied to the viewer’s specific Twitch account, to go on missions separate from the main cast and earn energy. The viewers can then use that energy they earned and give it to the cast. The cast member can then use that energy to use cards at their disposal. The cards have not been revealed yet so you’ll have to watch the show to figure that out!

Power Rangers HyperForce will be an amazing excursion into the world of Power Rangers, but also tabletop games. It will bring people together from both communities and create a brand new one that will hopefully flourish. Stay tuned to HyperRPG’s Twitch channel every Tuesday (starting October 24th) to see HyperForce suit up and take on the bad guys!

It’s been a huge year for Power Rangers with the BOOM! Comics, the Power Rangers movie, the new show Ninja Steel and now HyperForce. The franchise is seeing new light and here’s hoping that it continues for another 25 years!

Jonathan Howe

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