We’ve got three podcasts for you to check out here at the Ace of Geeks:


The first is the original reason for this site, and the flagship of the fleet: The Ace of Geeks Podcast! Join Mike and Jarys every Friday as they discuss all the goings on in the world of Geek and Nerd Culture. Reviews! Interviews with celebrities! Awkward discussion of our sex lives! All this and more!


Geekly Roundup is a companion piece to our weekly news roundups. We get a group of staff members together, each of whom pick a topic from the week’s news, and we discuss them all for your enjoyment! Sometimes we even stay on topic for longer than five minutes!


Chasing the Dragon posits the question: What if you took a bunch of broworkers, got them really high, and taught them Dungeons and Dragons? Sober-GM Mike attempts to navigate his friends into a different world – one of dice, darkness, and flanking bonuses. Intermittent episodes whenever scheduling permits!

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