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Peter Capaldi – The Doctor Was a Punk!

When I was a sophomore in high school, a friend of mine gave me a vinyl EP album by a punk group from Glasgow, Scotland. He had picked it up in a second-hand record shop in London while on vacation with his family. I thought the cover art was really cool, but I waited until I was home alone before I actually listened to it. There were only three songs on it, and I listened to the fucking thing so much it warped and broke the needle on my record player.

The Dreamboys EP cover

The album was Dreamboys. The EP was recorded live in Glasgow’s Hellfire Club in 1980. The audio quality isn’t the cleanest, and it’s a bit overmodulated – but the Bauhaus influence comes through loud and clear. Formerly known as The Bastards from Hell, the Dreamboys included Peter Capaldi on lead vocals and guitar, and Craig Ferguson on drums – however, for some unknown reason, Craig Ferguson isn’t playing on the record – instead, the drummer for that recorded gig was listed on the jacket as Robin Livsey.


Take a listen for yourself:

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