Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer Raises the Stakes

Pacific Rim was one of the most unlikely films to ever get made, and even less likely to get a sequel. Giant monsters used to be the realm of cheese, and giant robots being built to fight them the realm of anime and Power Rangers. But Guillermo Del Toro put together an excellent, tightly plotted story with interesting characters – and it didn’t hurt that AT ONE POINT GYPSY DANGER USED A FREIGHTER AS A CLUB DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT OH MY GOD. Er…yes. Um. Of course. So, anyway, the trailer for the sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising, is finally here:

As someone who loved the first movie, this looks intense and amazing. The robot designs are incredible (I’m partial to Saber Athena, because robots can never have enough swords), and the idea of making this next film about a younger generation stepping up is a great one. And those fight scenes. And those Kaiju. And why are the mecha fighting each other? There was a fight that looked like it was between Gypsy Danger, from the first movie, and the brand new Gypsy Avenger. I have so many questions, and I am so damn excited for this, you guys.

Patrick Lowry

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