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Pacific Rim: Uprising Teaser – Join the Jaeger Uprising!

Today, Legendary Pictures released the first teaser for the Pacific Rim sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising. If you’re like me, and love giant robots, monsters, and more specifically, the two of them fighting, then it will probably rock your world.

The simple recruitment video asks “What is a Jaeger” before answering that it’s you times 1,000. We see some great shots of the shiny, new VERY agile Jaegers showing off their moves. At the end we see  John Boyega’s Jake Pentecost doing a wonderful Idris Elba voice. The trailer ends telling you to visit

The site features some great in-universe features such as a Jaeger History (it looks like Uprising takes place about 10 years after the first movie,) blueprints for all of the new Jaegers (such as Gipsy Avenger, the upgraded version of Gipsy Danger), and the option to “Join the Uprising” via text messaging.

If you can’t wait to join the Uprising, you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Pacific Rim: Uprising hits theaters not soon enough (otherwise known as February 23, 2018.) To join the Jaeger Uprising, visit and see if you have what it takes to replace Charlie Hunnam.

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