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OverWednesdays: Cute Spray Corner Vol 3

The quest for Cute Sprays continues with Cute Spray Corner Volume 3! If this is your first Cute Spray Corner, you can catch up here and here. Moving right along!


cute corner mercy

Requirements: To unlock Mercy’s cute spray you must resurrect 6 players without dying in quick or competitive play.

Execution: While this achievement used to be a bit easier before the Valkyrie rework, it is still possible. Know when to rez and when it will get you killed. Blocking line of sight is almost mandatory. Payloads and walls make great places for you to peek around, trigger the resurrect, and hide behind while the animation finishes. Yes, it sucks that she basically sticks herself in the mud during the casting, but play smart and you can pull this off. You can also ask for assistance. Shields from Rein and Orisa help, as do Zarya bubbles. If all else fails, just ask D.Va or Roadhog to body block you for a second.

Apart from that, you just need to stay alive. If you’re not great with Mercy, a secondary healer could help cover you too.

How I got mine: At this point, I have 180+ hours on Mercy in all game modes. I don’t recall the exact specifics of when I got this one, but it was definitely my first cute spray. With as much Mercy gameplay as I have, it all blends together.


cute corner mei

Requirements: To unlock Mei’s cute spray, you must freeze 4 enemies at once in quick or competitive play.

Execution: Presently this achievement is accomplished best with a skillful use of Mei’s ultimate ability, Blizzard. Once her latest buffs go through, however, Mei will be able to freeze multiple enemies with her primary fire. This will take some of the pressure of trying to land an ultimate that mobility characters have an easy time escaping. For now though, you are looking to surprise enemies with a well placed Blizzard during a heated teamfight or on a choke with limited space. Some points are decidedly smaller than others, so you’re looking for one that you can cover almost all of with your ult, and seal of the escape with a well placed wall. Think Lijiang Tower Night Market/Garden or Ilios Lighthouse. Final points in overtime are also great times for a Blizzard. If all else fails, piggyback on the success of a friendly graviton surge.

How I got mine: I unlocked Cold Snap by tossing a Blizzard on the second point of Watchpoint: Gibraltar on defense in overtime. It’s not an ideal location, but it worked out for me. Typically overtime means that players are reluctant to leave payloads, preferring death to a loss, hoping that someone on their team survives to keep pushing.


cute corner ana

Requirements: To unlock Ana’s cute spray you need to get 4 kills or assists with a single use of Ana’s Nano Boost during quick or competitive play.

Execution: I find it much easier to enable (heh) someone else to do the dirty work with this achievement. You want to boost players who have high impact ultimates to give them even more umph. Genji, Soldier, and Reaper are all excellent choices. Just make sure that they’re ready to ult and paying attention. If you have a friend who is great with one of these heroes, party up and coordinate. Otherwise, just pay attention to who is doing the heavy lifting and try to find an opportune moment to give them play of the game.

How I got mine: I was in a group with my competitive play teammate, Twitch, who is stupidly good at Genji. It took about 3 Nano Boosts to finally get it right. Attacking on King’s Row, our team had passed the 2nd point when the enemy team rallied. The team fight was all but lost, but Twitch and I both had our ultimates. I Nano’d him just in time to die to a spammy Junkrat but the satisfaction of watching my kill-feed light up with a friendly quad Dragonblade eased the sting.

Justin Rhodes

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