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OverWednesdays: Cute Spray Corner Vol 2

The quest for Cute Sprays continues with Cute Spray Corner Volume 2! Anyone who missed out on the last installment can catch up here. Are you all caught up? Good, let’s roll.


Cute Spray Tracer

Requirements: To unlock Tracer’s cute spray you must stick 4 enemies with Tracer’s Pulse Bomb in quick or competitive play.

Execution: Tracer’s ultimate charge is one of the fastest in the game. After a little bit of practice with her, you should have no trouble building up a Pulse Bomb. Just remember that Tracer has a lot of damage fall-off. Get up in your enemies’ faces, unload a clip, and dart away. Once you have your ult you are looking for ideal targets to stick. In competitive mode this would be a healer or a troublesome dps, but if you’re going for the achievement: think tanks. Occasionally, you might get lucky and kill a squishy who was sticking too close to the tank, but really it’s about relative size of your target. It’s because of this that tanks and Bastion are your friends. They’re so much your friends that you want to give them presents.

How I got mine: On attack at Dorado, the enemy team made the mistake of going triple tank plus Bastion. I built most of my ult charge by harassing the enemy Roadhog. After that, I would sneak up behind the Bastion and let loose. By the time that match finished I had successfully stuck 6 people (3 of them Bastion) with Tracer’s Pulse Bomb.


Cute Spray Pharah

Requirements: To unlock Pharah’s cute spray, you must kill 4 enemies in a row without touching the ground in quick or competitive play.

Execution: Speaking of explosives, Pharah is a lot of fun to play and difficult to deal with if the enemy doesn’t know how to counter her. While this could theoretically be done without the use of Rocket Barrage, it’s much easier to utilize her ultimate for this achievement. Ideally, you want to be paired against a team comp that has little to no hit-scan. If you’re playing against a McCree and Soldier, trying for this achievement has a higher probability of failure. Choose your battles wisely.

After you’ve farmed your Rocket Barrage, it’s best to make yourself scarce. Find a way to flank the enemy, and make use of the element of surprise. You want them to be clumped together, so make sure you go in for the kill during a clutch team fight or a last minute enemy push.

How I got mine: The enemy team was steam-rolling us at Numbani. I managed to get enough charge for a Rocket Barrage halfway through the game, even though my team was trickling in. I let them continue to so do and found a way to get behind the enemy’s pirate ship comp. Perched about halfway to the ground, I rained some serious justice onto the enemy Orisa and her surrounding teammates. This earned me a quad-kill Play of the Game. The game itself only lasted about 30 more seconds though.


Cute Spray Zenyatta

Requirements: To unlock Zenyatta’s cute spray, you must restore 1500 with a single use of Zenyatta’s Transcendence in quick or competitive play.

Execution: Zenyatta’s ultimate ability Transcendence is serious business. It renders him practically invincible (enviromental kills still pose a threat) and heals your surrounding allies at a rate of 300hp per second. To get the most out of this ultimate you will need to have good game sense. At the very least, you’ll need to listen for enemy ults that are sure to pose a threat to the team’s survivability. Try for this ult with a team comp of at least 2 tanks. It’s much easier to heal up to 1500 with Transcendence if your allies have large health pools. The best times I can think to use a Transcendence to try to get this achievement are during a well-placed Hanzo ult, a well-timed Genji ult, or when 4 or more teammates are stuck in a Graviton Surge.

How I got mine: I was playing Zenyatta on defense at King’s Row. During overtime at the final point and the enemy Zarya snagged most of my team with her Graviton Surge. I managed to keep the team from wiping after the resulting Dragonblade/Meteorstrike combo. We went on to win the match shortly thereafter.

Justin Rhodes

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