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OverWednesdays: Brigitte Initial Impressions

Brigitte Has Arrived

Overwatch launched their latest hero yesterday, Brigitte Lindholm. You can now play her in quick play and arcade modes.  She will not be available until Season 10 for competitive play. I’ve played a few hours with Brigitte at this point via quick play and No Limits and here are my thoughts so far:

Is she fun to play?

For the most part, Brigitte is tons of fun. She’s a great counter to flankers, her melee attacks are effective (and a bit wacky,) and her utility for the team is solid. She’s not as good of a dedicated healer as Mercy or Ana, but that is to be expected from a tank/support hybrid. Her shield bash and whip shot are insane once you get the hang of them and both have relatively short cooldowns. Shield bashing an enemy Doomfist before he can one-two punch you is priceless, as is bludgeoning reflecting Genjis to death.

What are her counters?

Brigitte has limited range so any hero that can damage her from a distance tends to have the advantage. Widowmaker isn’t exactly a hard counter to her, but can do decent damage and pick her off with good timing. Junkrat can easily lob grenades and mines over her shield and knock her out of position, or just outright pick her. Pharah is the strongest counter so far. The sheer damage output of Pharah is a bit too much for Brigitte’s limited shield and it’s very easy for Pharah to escape Brigitte’s range. Not to say I didn’t see Brigittes trying their hardest to knock me out of the sky when I tested this counter.

Is she “Meta-changing”?

Without being able to play her in competitive mode yet, this is hard to say. She’s an anti-dive character, but her ultimate would supplement a dive-comp very well. Her utility against flankers is strong, though I don’t think it will be entirely dissuading for an enemy dive-comp.  I would say “meta-affecting” for sure, but I don’t think that she alone has enough stopping power to stop teams from trying to overwhelm the opposition with mobility and burst damage.


Feel free to give Brigitte a try this week. No Limits should be in the arcade rotation until next Tuesday just in case you aren’t quick enough on the draw to snag her in quick play.

Justin Rhodes

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