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OverWednesdays: Archives Event Retribution

Archives Retribution Overview

Overwatch Archives is back this year with an all new PvE mission. The event’s been going for a week now, but in case you haven’t played it yet, here’s a synopsis. Retribution is a Blackwatch mission in Venice featuring Moira, Reaper, McCree, and Genji. The mission doesn’t work out as planned, and the team needs to fight through Talon forces to the extraction point. The whole thing has a Left 4 Dead vibe to it, and is engaging and challenging (especially at higher difficulties.)

New Archives Achievements

There are 6 new achievements for the event, each unlocking a special spray when you complete them:

  • Redacted- Complete Retribution (All heroes) with 8 different heroes
  • The Venice Incident- Complete Retribution with all 4 heroes
  • Into the Shadows- Complete Retribution on Hard difficulty
  • A Quiet Night- Complete Retribution on Expert difficulty
  • Clean Getaway- Complete Retribution on Expert difficulty with no incapacitations
  • Plausible Deniability- Complete Retribution on Legendary difficulty

The first three are easy enough, but if you want to go for the last three you’ll need some strategy.

Retribution Tips & Tricks

ow archives assassin

Fighting your way through the mission blindly works just fine for normal mode. It works out in hard mode too, as long as you’re not too brazen. When you get to expert mode, however, heroics will get you killed. If you want to increase your chances of success, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Know your role and be good at it. For example, if you’re not a Moira player, don’t pick her. Moira needs to be healing more than anything on expert and up. You want to play your best possible hero.
  2. Utilize cover, fight at choke points, and block line of sight often. At higher difficulties, even a couple of low level Talon agents can wreck you if they can sustain fire. It’s not a bad idea to play this like you would Gears of War. Plus, if you die behind a wall you are much easier to resurrect.
  3. Know your enemies. There are a number of elite units which cause no end of problems if you don’t know how to deal with them. Enforcers have high burst damage, but it’s close range. Don’t stand so close to them. Snipers and Assassins can be deadly, but they have audio cues for when they’re about to attack. Save your escape mechanics for these moments and you can mitigate some would-be fatalities. The Heavy is a huge pain in the ass at expert difficulty and higher. It’s not a bad idea to save ults for him, and McCree should flashbang him every chance he gets.
  4. Practice good ult economy. Unless you’re fighting a Heavy or in the middle of a win or die fight, don’t blow all ults at once. Coalescence is a powerful healing ultimate, don’t use it selfishly. Dragonblade can take out groups of Enforcers effectively so don’t waste it on troopers. Communicate with your team when you’re going to ult so that Reaper doesn’t Death Blossom into your Dead Eye and vice versa.
  5. Finally, when you defeat the last Heavy in the final area, head to the roof to meet the dropship. And when the dropship arrives, get in the dropship. Luckily they’ve patched it so that dead players will now be left behind because we’ve had to suffer through a week of this:ow archives gengu
    “Genji, what are you doing? Don’t Dragonblade, we need to go. And now he’s dead, damn it.”


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