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Cute sprays are one of my favorite things about Overwatch. Not only are they, as the name suggests, super cute, but they are a signifier of skill. Cute sprays tell other players that you’ve put in time on a hero to learn how they work and pull off an awesome ultimate.

For anyone who doesn’t know, each hero has two sprays which can only be earned through hero-specific gameplay. There are pixel sprays, which are tied to general skillfulness with a hero, (and some are actually harder to land than the cute spray, like Zenyatta’s “Rapid Discord”, or Lucio’s “The Floor is Lava”) and then there are cute sprays which are almost universally tied to an effective use of that heroes ultimate ability.

cute sprays

Here at Cute Spray Corner™, I’ll be giving a breakdown of the requirements of cute sprays, giving some solid advice of how to achieve these feats, and detailing how I got the achievement to give you some ideas for how you can do the same. May the quest for cute sprays find you as fun and satisfying as it has been for me.

Reinhardt: Storm Earth and Fire

Hammer down

Requirements: To unlock Reinhardt’s cute spray you must land a Firestrike and Charge on an opponent after Reinhardt’s Earthshatter in quick or competitive play.

Execution: This is one of the easiest ones to get, I have found. I think I was about two hours into playing Reinhardt and about three games into actively trying to achieve this when I got mine. Once your Earthshatter is ready, you’re looking for an opportune moment where you can either land your ult on the majority of the enemy team, or to wipe up some stragglers towards the end of a team fight. Avoid choosing D. Va as your primary target because her mech counts as a separate character and if you pop her out of it during this order of operations it gets buggy and you might not get the achievement. Tracer is another one to avoid because she likely won’t survive past the firestrike. Once you find your moment, Earthshatter, firestrike your unfortunate target, and once the firestrike lands charge into them. You could potentially charge first and then firestrike, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There really isn’t much else to this one other than not aiming like a stormtrooper.

How I got mine: At Honomura point B on defense, my team had just killed all but the enemy Zenyatta and Lucio. I Earthshattered them both, quickly lined up the firestrike on Lucio, then charged him off the point, pinning him to the wall below.

Reaper: Die Die Die… Die


Requirements: Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Reaper’s Death Blossom in quick or competitive play.

Execution: If you’re not very good with Reaper this one might take awhile. My Reaper gameplay is somewhere between adequate and sub-par. Once your Death Blossom is charged, you are waiting for an opportune moment to sneak in and unleash hell on your unsuspecting enemies. However, getting four enemies grouped up is often challenging, so you really have to pick your moment carefully. If you have a Zarya on your team, try to coordinate your ult with her Graviton Surge. This is true for many of the DPS cute spray achievements. If you don’t have a Zarya helping you out, the absolute best time to attempt this is at the very end of a game when there’s a hotly contested point. Many quickplay games are decided at the last moment, especially if it’s been a close fight all along. Find yourself at the point right before or during overtime and let your Death Blossom unfurl.

How I got mine: At Numbani on attack, at the tail end of a quickplay game I had my Death Blossom ready to go and held back for about three seconds in the room with the health pack right before the payload’s destination. After the deciding teamfight was initiated, I wraith formed in front of the payload and let loose a quintuple kill Play of the Game.

Lucio: Supersonic


Requirements: Block 1000 damage with a single use of Lucio’s Sound Barrier in quick or competitive play.

Execution: Lucio’s Sound Barrier is a great defensive ultimate which works best in response to dangerous situations. A well-timed Sound Barrier can make Genji and Soldier mains cry. It’s not quite as effective against D. Va bombs or Rip-Tires, but it can sometimes save teammates who would have otherwise died during those ults. If you’re just going for the achievement, trying to block those high burst damage ults isn’t a bad idea, it’s just not as utilitarian.

In order to pull this achievement off you’ll want to be in a teamfight where an enemy has just ulted and is about to go to town on your teammates. Sound Barrier has a rapid decay rate though, so Lucio is all about timing. A general rule of thumb is to wait until the enemy is about 3 or 4 syllables into annoucing their ultimate (e.g. “I’ve got you in–” “Oh let’s break it DOWN!” “…my sights…”) Find your moment and keep your team alive.

How I got mine: Supersonic was one of the first cute sprays I pulled off, long before I even decided to try to get them all. If I had to hazard a guess I think it was the time I was on defense of the final point in King’s Row and shielded my teammates from a Hanzo and Genji ult at the same time. Sorry to make you QQ, Shimada brothers, but at least you have each other.

Justin Rhodes

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