OverWednesday: Cosmetics Update and Upcoming Nerfs

The core loot box set has been updated with the latest patch to feature over 100 new items. 5 Epic and 12 Legendary skins, new sprays, 4 new highlight intros, a handful of emotes, and of course the (sadly fictitous) new map: Blizzard World.


I think we’re all in agreement that we’d go here more often than Disneyland if we could.

A large portion of these new items are related to the release of Blizzard World, like Magni Bronzebeard Torbjorn (Warcraft), Nova Widowmaker (Starcraft), and Butcher Roadhog (Diablo) which is great fun for long-time Blizzard fans.


There are also some new items that are just great additions to the core set. I’m looking at you, Capoeira Lucio.


Or as Bob Belcher would say, “Sexy dance fighting” Lucio.

If you’ve played as much Overwatch as I have, eventually your loot boxes are just filled with duplicates, so a core expansion is a big deal. A couple of friendly reminders:

-Loot box contents are determined the moment you get them, so if you were saving boxes in anticipation of this release, you’re out of luck.

-These items are in the core set so save your coins for the upcoming Year of the Dog event since those items are time-sensitive.

Nerfs of the PTR

As great as all the new content is, the Sword of Damacles sadly hovers above the heads of a few Overwatch heroes. Nerfs are soon to follow (my guess is within the next week or two) for Junkrat and Mercy players.

Junkrat is going to see damage fall-off for his concussion mines.

Mercy is getting an excess of nerfs, mostly to her ultimate: Valkyrie.
-Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
-No more extra resurrect charge when Valk is activated.
-Rez is no longer instant during Valk.
-50% speed reduction of Guardian Angel during Valk.

If you’ve visited the forums at all, you know that both of these nerfs are controversial. While it’s true that both characters were in need of a nerf, it’s not exactly the nerf they needed.

Junkrats main issue has been how quickly his ultimate charges. Damage fall-off wiill help, but it would have been better to give a damage boost to his trap & reduce the damage for his mines overall, or just increase his ult charge time. Personally, I don’t mind dying to Junkrat mines as much as I hate having to flee from a Rip-Tire every 20 seconds.


I hear ya, guys. Wait, no, that’s the sound of another Rip-Tire.

As for Mercy, (granted that I’m a little biased here as a Mercy main,) it’s really just too much all at once. The forums having been clamouring for a revert from Valkyrie to the old resurrect, the Mercy feedback forum has over 5000 posts with no developer response since its creation, and a lot of pro players would rather see her removed. So what is the deal with Mercy?

The problem has been trying to balance her old ultimate as an ability. Resurrect is a powerful ability and many people say it has no place in a First-Person Shooter, but this isn’t Counterstrike. This is Overwatch. Rez is important to Mercy as a character.


After all, Heroes Never Die.

Instead of nerfing Valkyrie into the ground, (and for the record I’m totally cool with the duration nerf, and the removal of the extra rez charge) the dev team should have taken one of the myriad of suggestions from the Mercy feedback thread and put resurrect on a resource meter like Torb’s armor packs. That and an increase to her hitbox while in Valk was all that was needed to make counterplay against her easier.

We’ll see where we end up soon, but as for me I’m really hoping they don’t push the current PTR live without at least thumbing through the ever-growing pile of feedback they’ve been actively ignoring in regards to the upcoming nerfs.

Justin Rhodes

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