Overwatch’s New Hero: Orisa!

In a surprise Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan from Blizzard announced the newest hero for Overwatch, the tank Orisa. You can check that video right here:



Orisa fights with a giant machine gun called a Fusion Driver. She’s the brain child of 11-year-old-inventor Efi Oladele, who is from Numbani. She’s also a big fan of Lucio, which explains the color similarities. Orisa is designed to be an “anchor tank,” who can damage boost her allies with her ultimate, as well as reduce incoming damage for herself and her allies. It looks like she’ll play as a cross between Ana and Zarya, which should be interesting. She’s live on the PTR right now, so go check her out and let us know what you think. And check out her origin story right here!


Patrick Lowry

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