Overwatch publicly reveals first LGBTQ+ character!

Blizzard released a new comic today titled “Reflections“, which primarily follows Overwatch’s poster-girl Tracer as she zips around London doing some last-second holiday shopping.  Many of our other favorite heroes get small panels that showcase how they each choose to spend their holiday season, making for some heart-warming snapshots of the crew.

However, this isn’t what the Overwatch community is reacting to.  Blizzard has said for a while that there are LGBT+ characters in the hero roster but hadn’t revealed any of their identities….until now!

Some people within our staff here at the Ace of Geeks are going “well yeah duh” while others are saying “WHAAAAAAAAT?”, but overall we’re all very excited and as happy as we could be for a video game couple.

Lena Oxton (aka “Tracer”)  has long been a fan-favorite, even before Overwatch was officially released.  In the cinematic trailers, fans were shown an outgoing, perky young woman who wanted nothing more than to be a force for good in the world.  Her empathy, compassion, and quirky catchphrases landed her a place in the heart of many Overwatch fans early on.

Overwatch has progressively been opening up to greater and greater representation within its hero roster.  The two latest additions to the game have been women – one an older badass Egyptian sniper healer, and the other a sassy, stealthy, Mexican hacker.  Previously when criticized for the lack of body diversity in their female characters, Overwatch came out and basically said aight we got you and added Zarya, a pink-haired bodybuilder from Russia.  Revealing that Tracer, the face of Overwatch, is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, we feel, is another step in the right direction.  Jarys Maragopolous, co-founder of the Ace of Geeks, wrote “Representation is important in nerdy media and it is important to more than just the audience that is represented.” We couldn’t agree more.

So Overwatch fans – what do you think of the news?  Are you jazzed by it, or mostly indifferent?  Or are you more concerned by the fact that LENA ISN’T WEARING HER CHRONAL ACCELERATOR AND OH MY GOD HOW IS SHE ALIVE?

Stephanie Cala
Stephanie is the resident event planner, Pokémon trainer, a very shy newbie cosplayer, and a horrible amateur photographer. When she’s not playing D&D or playing with her puppy (or playing D&D with her puppy?), she’s likely to be found either behind a computer at work banging her head on the keyboard because people don’t update their Flash Players, or behind a different computer at home banging her head on a keyboard because COME THE F– ON I TOTALLY MADE THAT SHOT.

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