Overwatch Halloween Event Launched

Lending more credence to that Sombra leak a few days back, the Overwatch Halloween Event – Halloween Terror – has been announced, and it’s exactly like what was rumored in that leak. Heroes will team up to do battle in a co-op Horde Mode against waves of robots commanded by Dr. Junkenstein, an evil mad scientist version of everyone’s favorite Junkrat. It looks stupid fun, and the huge amount of skins and emotes and sprays that will be available for the event look great, too.

UPDATE: We had a chance to play the new co-op mode, and it’s all right. Don’t expect a full horde mode with a map and all of the characters. You can only play as McCree, Ana, Soldier 76 and Hanzo, and you can only have one of each, so it’s much closer to Left 4 Dead than the TF2 style co-op many were hoping for.

Reinhardt, as always, has the most badass skin. And seriously, Mei, stop being so adorable.



The event starts today, so go play it!


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