Overwatch: Is this the Face of Sombra?

After months and months of leading Overwatch fans on a merry chase, the hacker hero Sombra may finally be revealed. A post on the Overwatch subreddit this afternoon revealed a leaked look at Sombra herself, with some info on her past, and the upcoming Halloween brawl. Check it out:


Reading into the text of that post, we get a little info on our girl’s past-she was a part of a Mexican street gang before joining Talon, Reaper’s sinister organization. She carries a submachine gun, but other than that we know nothing about her abilities. Yet.

Honestly, I’m really hoping her “skull mask” fan designed look is in as a skin for her.

Also of interest is the tiny bit of text at the top, that seems to refer to the upcoming Halloween brawl. That appears to be a horde mode, with a team of heroes battling evil Monica as summoned by one Dr. Junkenstein.

We should have more info very soon.

Mike Fatum
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