Nintendo’s Next System: The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s new console has been announced and is built around the idea of flexibility. It’s a controller, console, and portable in one. Play high-resolution games (like the Remastered Skyrim and Legend of Zelda) on your big screen at home, but when it’s time to leave, slide the controller pieces on the the side of the console and it becomes a tablet-like portable console. You no longer need to play within a set range of the system. Take it on long distances. Play it on a plane!

Want multiplayer with your friends? You can do it with what appears to be local wireless connection. Just sit your portables down (it has a kickstand!) and you each get a screen to play on, or in some games, one the same screen.

No details were announced regarding technical capabilities, but Nintendo has never focused on firepower. Between that and the fact that most games advertised were current gen, we can guess that Nintendo is continuing its refusal to define itself by its processing power, although the Remastered Skyrim is MUCH more technically demanding than its original counterpart. As always, the developer is focused on creating new ways to experience gaming that appeal to a variety of needs and age groups, rather than fight for the “Hardcore Gamer” demographic.

At the time of this writing, the official website for this new system, http://www.nintendo.com/switch, has completely crashed, which means additional details are still pending.

Lots of questions from this, but it looks like Nintendo’s goal is to get people playing EVERYWHERE.

Coming MARCH 2017

Ben Worley

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