New Trailer Double Feature: “Power Rangers” and “Logan”

We got a double dose of new trailers today: the second trailers for “Power Rangers” and “Logan.” Evidently the number 2 seems to be a recurring number today. Aside from that, there’s another very surprising similarity… they’re both surprisingly humorous in comparison to their more serious premiere trailers.

First up, “Power Rangers.” The bad news… it still doesn’t look good. A lot of the elements you thought looked ugly before will still probably look ugly to you now (especially Alpha 5) and there’s some fairly iffy dialogue (this movie, compared to the show, will probably exemplify the differences between corny and campy). While it’s understandable it’s trying to reach a new audience, it’s doing so in a way that doesn’t make it stand out while simultaneously alienating it’s older audience and fans. Good news… it might not be the trainwreck we all expected it to be. The special effects are decent, it actually has a sense of fun and humor (I actually got a small laugh from the “cup” bit), and as a nice bonus, Zordon actually doesn’t look bad. While we’ve seen this type of projection before (the face forming from protruding pieces in a wall), it makes sense in the confines of what’s been produced. While I still don’t have particularly high hopes (or ANY), it’s looking better than I initially anticipated, so I’ll give credit where credit is due.


Next up, another red band trailer for “Logan,” aka “The Last of Us” with X-Men (the car shot in the end solidified it even more). Just like “Power Rangers,” this trailer took a much more humorous turn than I expected. Logan and (the officially confirmed) X-23 both have some rather fun moments in the trailer in terms of action and laughs, but I will say, this does point out a potential flaw that could come up in the movie: the humor may be ill-placed. Much like “The Force Awakens,” it feels like there are moments of humor that, while funny, may disrupt the tension and drama that’s unfolding (like Donald Pierce telling X-23 “No!” in a chastising tone over and over again). The awkward humor was also a sore spot for some movie-goers with the last film as well; while the juxtaposition of such a boorish brute being surrounded by a restrained culture was funny to some, others felt it was cheap “fish out of water” humor. Regardless of one’s view, as long as such humor is reconciled in an organic way, it will be a major improvement in comparison. Either way, the elements of alienation, family, and bonding that have been prevalent through most of the series is clearly at play here, and will hopefully bolster the story in Wolverine’s final outing.

Grant Corvin
Having double majored in Art and Film at SJSU, Grant is a self-proclaimed cinephile (who's still trying to build up his repertoire) and an absolute gamer geek. Not only does he try to make them, but he also does let's plays and helps out with an indie review channel from time to time.

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