New Pictures and Details on Everything Star Wars!

Disney’s D23 is this weekend, and as the new gods of all things geeky, they promised a show. They certainly did not disappoint. We got our first cast photo from Rogue One, along with tons of confirmation of who would be in the cast. We saw the first poster from The Force Awakens, and we got details on the giant new Star Wars theme park Disney is building. Read on for everything you could want!


First up, Rogue One. Check out this awesome cast photo:



Rogue One


From left to right, that’s: Riz Ahmed, Diego Luna, Felicity Jones, Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen. That’s right, Donnie freaking Yen. Star Wars is getting diverse in a big way, and they’re starting with one of the biggest Hong Kong stars of the last few decades. Also confirmed were Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkleson from Casino Royale, and Alan Tudyk, from Firefly and Con Man, in an unspecified motion capture role. While there’s been some grumbling from fans that the Rogues don’t seem to feature any aliens at all, we’re pretty confident you’ll see a galatically diverse cast when this is all through.

Next up – Star Wars doesn’t feel right without a classic Drew Stuzan poster. And we have one for The Force Awakens. Check it out:


And even the poster contains a tiny spoiler – Finn’s definitely wielding Luke’s old lightsaber there. Is Finn going to be force sensitive? I gotta admit, up until this point I assumed that would be Rey’s role, but maybe not. He did pop up in the trailer right after the famous, “There has been an awakening” line.

Finally, check out this sick concept art from the two giant Star Wars themed expansions Disney is adding to their theme parks in the next few years. There will be one at Hollywood Studios in Orlando, and one at Disneyland herself. Two new rides were also announced, one that will allow fans to fly the Millenium Falcon on a secret mission, and one that puts them smack in the middle of a battle between The First Order and the Resistance.

Disneyland1 Disneyland2 Disneyland3

Yes, you heard me right: fly the Millenium Falcon. Disney’s trying to take a slice out of Universal’s playbook and create a fully immersive, themed land, and we couldn’t be more excited. More news as it comes.

And finally, for the biggest news so far: Colin Trevorrow is directing Episode IX. Trevorrow directed Jurassic World, which we all enjoyed for what it was. This means that, just like the original trilogy, each Star Wars film in this New Trilogy will be directed by a different person. That’s probably for the best, and it’s hard to ask for better talent than J.J. Abrams, Rian Johnson, and Colin Trevorrow.

What are you the most excited for?

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