New Beauty and the Beast Trailer is Both Perfect and Wrong

Disney released the first ever trailer for their live action remake of Beauty and the Beast today, and you should check it out:

So much of this is perfect. It’s clearly not an interpretation like Cinderella or Maleficent, but a note for note and almost shot for shot remake of the original animated classic. The costumes, the music, the settings, everything looks completely on point and feels like a great retelling of an almost perfect movie.

Except – the designs of Lumiere, Cogsworth, Ms Potts and the other living housewares are just weird. I don’t understand why you would take characters that are the heart and soul of the film and give them so little expression. Mrs. Potts is basically a happy face painted on a tea pot. It’s a really strange design choice, and it’s going to take a lot to get used to. They seem more terrifying than loving.

It also begs the question – other than money, why remake this at all? The original is, as I said, a near perfect movie from Disney’s first Golden Age and it certainly seems like they’re not bringing much new to the table other than live actors and CG effects that will look outdated in ten years. I guess I answered my own question with “other than money.”

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters next March.

Patrick Lowry

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