Netflix Has a Secret Website for A Series of Unfortunate Events

The trailer for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events launched on October 4th, containing a simple monologue by the series’ narrator, Lemony Snicket. In it, he urged viewers not to watch the series. It was simple. It was direct.

And it hid a secret.

Longtime fans of the series will know that a core part of the 13-Book series can best be summarized by the acronym “VFD”. When the Baudelaire Orphans, the main characters of the story, first learn that these three letters contain a deeper meaning, it is the start of the largest portion of their journey, and a portion that contains secrecy, subterfuge, and subtlety.


Because of this, fans were all quick to pick up on the Easter Egg in the trailer when Lemony Snicket stood next to a box labeled “Very Flammable Dandelions”. This quick reference was enjoyed by hardcore fans, but then something weird happened. The creators of the series not only asked people to ignore the Easter Egg… they became extremely adamant about it. Shockingly so.

vfd1 vfd2

We here at Ace Of Geeks couldn’t help but ignore the warnings and, after much investigation, determined what the show was hiding…

And upon entering it…


That’s right! That throw away reference to VFD was actually a clue to a secret website! For right now, it’s simply a single piece of concept art, but that piece of art is beautiful and truly exciting.


On September 14th, Neil Patrick Harris said in an interview that he wasn’t able to talk about the series much because, in his words, “They have a plan”. That plan, it seems, is something as clever and devious as the series itself. It seems clear that there will be more puzzles, rabbit holes, and mysteries as we ramp up to the show’s premier on January 13th, 2017.

What other secret messages will there be? What other secret messages are already out there, waiting to be discovered?

We’ll be keeping a careful eye out to see what we can find and will definitely keep you posted. In the meantime, however, the world is quiet here.

Ben Worley

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