Netflix Original: “Everything Sucks!”

Remember high school? I’m part of the John Hughes, “Breakfast Club” generation. We had “Square Pegs” to represent us on tv, and it was… well, it was a pretty accurate reflection of my high school, surprisingly. The early ’90s had Zack and Slater at Bayside High, and I’m not sure how accurately “Saved By the Bell” represented that graduating class, but it did represent… stuff.

Now Netflix is bringing us something for the classes of the late ’90s. The new original series “Everything Sucks!” drags us through high school yet again, this time to make a movie with the AV club and the Drama club, and hopefully survive the hell that is Boring High School. Oh wait – Boring, Oregon. Yeah, it’s an actual place in the northwest corner of Oregon, about a half-hour southeast of Portland. I’ve never been there, so I couldn’t tell you if it lives up to its name.

The teaser trailer for the date announcement is done in the VH-1 “Pop-up Video” style. It definetly hits that nostalgia chord just right. I’m going to binge this thing, probably more than once. Why? Because I’m stuck in my childhood and hey – I’ll take any shot I can get to do high school over again. Even if it’s only in my head.

All 10 episodes of “Everything Sucks!” will be available to stream Feb. 16th on Netflix.

“Welcome to freshman year.”

Raven Knighte
Raven Knighte is addicted to cheese and popsicles. Her favorite pastime is proving not only that it can’t rain all the time, but also that it actually can’t rain at all, by refusing to believe that rain exists. Her favorite quote is the letter that Brian wrote and reads at the end of the movie “The Breakfast Club,” because all five of those characters from the movie live in her head. She bathes in pixiedust daily, feeds clocks to crocodiles, and fights pirates. She has been known to take to the skies and crow loudly on occasion.

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