Must There Be a Superman?

It’s the debate that haunts playgrounds and comic shops around the world – who’s better, Batman or Superman? If you were one of the cool kids, the answer was always Batman. Batman has all the cool toys, and he wears black, and he’s a dark and edgy character. Superman’s just a big blue boy scout, and no one that powerful could ever be interesting. So why is Superman such an enduring character? Michael Medina sent us this video he made last April that sums it up really well.

I love this speech because it sums up the Man of Steel so well. Superman is still a special, needed character in our lives, and there’s a lot of good reasons why he’s still popular after all these years. Batman’s a character to enjoy, but Superman’s a character to aspire to be.

Now if we could just get a movie that gets that across…

Mike Fatum
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