Monster High unveils Kjersti Trollson!

Monster High has proven time and time again to know how to integrate modern references and situations into their doll line and TV shows. Heck, the franchise itself is a treasure trove of puns even just in the city names.

Well now hailing all the way from Goreway we have Kjersti Trollson, a troll… who is a gamer…

A gamer that’s a troll.

I’ll give you a moment to stop giggling. It took me a while too. This is amazing, not only for the amazing pun, but if you know Monster High, this will be a huge teaching lesson.

Monster High has done a lot in their shows and movies to discuss bullying, and teach kids the hows and whys of making bullying stop. So introducing a character who’s a gaming troll? A fantastic pun for the adults, and a great upcoming lesson for kids!

Check out a couple more pics below!



8 Bit glasses! Already wanting a pair for myself!


I need this purse in adult sizes. Make it happen Mattel!

Looking forward to her release!

Ellie Collins
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