Mass Effect Theme Park Ride Coming to California!

That’s right, folks, it was just confirmed by Bioware that there is a Mass Effect-based theme park ride coming next year to California’s Great America, a theme park based on Santa Clara, California. Developed by Cedar Fair, the ride will be a 4D adventure curated by a live performer, and will pit guests against the forces of darkness from the Mass Effect universe.

No idea of any details on the story or how the ride will work, but based on Cedar Fair’s previous work, Iron Reef, in Knotsberry Farm, we can expect a 3D dark room attraction where guests are shooting at the screen, a la Buzz Lightyear or Toy Story Mania.

Now, before anyone gets too excited, Great America is not exactly Disney. They’re a local park with a lower budget, so this will likely not be the wholly interactive, Mass Effect Star Tours of your dreams. But it should be a lot of fun when it hits the park in 2016. We’ll have a report for you then.

Mike Fatum
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