Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Final Chapter Prologue Announced!

Who’s excited for a new Kingdom Hearts game? Huh? Welllll you have to wait a while. But check out the trailer for the newest HD collection, to get you finally caught up on the game’s insanely convoluted story.

Yes, this is supposed to be the last HD collection before the greatly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. The content included in this Final Mix are Dream Drop Distance, scenes from Unchained X (chi) called Back Cover, and Birth By Sleep 0.2 – A Fragmentary Passage. If there are a few titles there that sound unfamiliar, allow me to give a brief rundown. Dream Drop Distance takes place immediately after Kingdom Hearts II, with our 2 keyblade wielders, Sora & Riku, taking on their Master’s exams. The events in this game set the stage for the final bout with Master Xehanort in KH3. Unchained X is a newly released mobile game, currently only available in Japan. The game takes place in a fairy tale or legend based in the Kingdom Hearts universe and focuses on the events leading up to the Keyblade War. Birth By Sleep 0.2 is the second volume in this Kingdom Hearts prequel. The main focus of the story is of Aqua’s journey through the Realm of Darkness. Not much else is known of this title yet. If none of this made any sense to you whatsoever, I recommend playing the games. Actually, if you want KH3 to make any sense to you, I highly suggest looking into these games.

Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 2.8 during this year’s SCEJA press conference after last week’s LinkedIn profile leak. For those of you unfamiliar, a Square Enix staff member from Osaka updated their profile with several tasks the employee had worked on. Among these duties the titles Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 were mentioned.

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