Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer

“Excuse me for a moment. *Squeeee!* Now that I have that out of my system let me begin. Today we got to see the trailer for the much teased/often delayed Kingdom Hearts 2.8. This game should it live up to half of the trailer’s promise is going to be amazing!

Now for some specifics. In the Kingdom Hearts Fandom there is a split between those who see Yensid (the Sorcerer from Fantasia) as a wise benevolent guide and those who are awake enough to know that he’s a manipulative bastard. The trailer opens with him giving the two rivals through the entire series a task to complete together which is going to add fuel to the fire. We next see glimpses of the new (Well, new-ish, they were all in the DS version of Dream Drop Distance) Disney worlds including Hunchback, Tron Legacy, and Cinderella. In the shadow of Cinderella’s clock we’re reintroduced to Aqua, the main character from the mobile system chapters of the series. We get more information about the convoluted metaplot, specifically that for the first time the characters are aware of the retcons. Add new Nobodies and a revolt among the masters into the mix and this is going to be the best beginning of an end ever!

One final thing. You will see Sora diving through what looks like comic book panels, is a Marvel mini game too much to hope for?”

Malkontent Blizzard

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