Kari, Tori, and Grant Are Back on Netflix!

A few years ago, we were one of the first to report that at least part of the Mythbusters Build Team was coming back to TV very quickly after their unceremonious firing from the show – at that time it was for a show on the Travel channel, but they’ve just announced at Dragon*con that they’re getting themselves a bit of an upgrade. This time, they’ll be on Netflix.

The three musketeers of mythbusting are going to be hosting a show called The White Rabbit Project, which aims to test the sort of myths you’d find deep in the internet. The clip they showed at the panel was the three of them sitting down for some wine – only Kari was attempting to move Tori like a puppet via electrical wires attached to his muscles. It sounds hilarious and wonderful.

We don’t have any further information on when The White Rabbit Project will premiere, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.

Mike Fatum
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