Justice League Action Combines JLU, Brave and the Bold

Yesterday, the folks at Warner Bros Animation gave us an action reel for the newest Justice League cartoon, Justice League action. Featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm and a whole host of guest stars, the cartoon looks like it’s going to follow a new threat in a new style every single week. Check it out:

The action looks over the top, the colors are bright, people are quipping – are we sure this is a DC project? All jokes aside, this looks like a lot of fun. Firestorm is going to be the bumbling new hero, which is a role that actually kind of fits him at the beginning of his career, while Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all get to play the parental figures. Meanwhile, it looks like we’ll be getting a whole set of new heroes, villains, and setting every single episode, meaning this new Justice League will feel somewhere in between Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as our heroes travel across the earth and the cosmos to save lives.

And it’s got Dex-starr the Red Lantern Cat in it. So really, you have no reason not to watch.


Mike Fatum
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