The Continental

John Wick spinoff series picked up by Starz

Those rumors of a John Wick spin-off series have been confirmed. A hotel is getting it’s own series on Starz.

That’s right – a HOTEL.

“The Continental” is set in the John Wick universe. We’ll learn about the life and times of the Continental Hotel, where assassins go when they’re not… well… assassinating.

John Wick Continental 2

Keanu Reeves is attached as a co-producer. Basil Iwanyk, Chad Stahleski and the writing team from the movie franchise are also on board.

Starz promises all the intensity and tension of the fight sequences and shootouts that we love in the movie franchise. New characters are being introduced, and we’ll go deeper into the dark underground world of the assassins.

“The Continental” on the Starz network is coming (hopefully soon, date still TBD) to a small screen near you.

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