And a challenge it will be, if Japanese CEO Kogoro Kurata’s attitude matches the prowess of his robot. As we reported last week, American robotics company MegaBots has challenged Kogoro’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a robot battle. Kogoro could not hold back the sass, saying

“Come on guys, Make it cooler. Just building something huge and sticking guns on it. It’s…. super-American. ”

I hope MegaBots’s MK2 has built in fire extinguishers because

“We can’t let another country win this,” he went on to say “Giant robots are Japanese culture.”

Whether you are gearing up for a patriotic slugging match or just excited to see the titans of the screen come to life in glorious violence, once thing is certain, no matter who loses, we (the audience) totally win.

More details as they….roll out.

Jarys Maragopoulos
Jarys Maragopoulos grew up in the suspiciously isolated Ojai valley. Having acted in about a dozen plays as a child, including radio comedy routines, Jarys escaped with a College acceptance letter they had forged out of a hallmark card and octopus Ink. They rode the trains and learned the way of the hobos until arriving at the idyllic city of San Francisco, home to Jarys' dreams. At the University of San Francisco, where they won a Bachelors in History from the Dean in a Kung Fu match, Jarys met their two best friends and stopped blushing when they told people their favorite movie was “Return of the Jedi”. Since that time Jarys has earned their teaching credential (without resorting to thaumaturgy), collected a small library, learned Sumerian, and fell in love.
That list is not causal, they promise.

[Jarys is Genderqueer and, consequently, uses they/their/them pronouns.]

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