iZombie Season Finale – Episode 13: Blaine’s World

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Last week, Sebastian killed Kimber – a cheerleader. Then her stoner friend Nate was found dead. Liv ate both their brains in turn, using their memories to figure out what happened. Their goth friend Teresa went to Clive and Liv, and told them what she knows. Clive put a police detail on her for her protection, but she ditched the detail and went to meet her friend Cameron at a hotel. Things were left hanging with Theresa beaten bloody, crawling to the phone and dialing 9-1-1.

This week… jeez, where do I begin? So much mind-blowing stuff! Most of the episode is spent building up to the ending. Rob Thomas is a freaking genius! He wrote this episode and packed the episode so full of OMG moments and a few of really cool explosions. I totally giggled while Major was gearing up with “Der Kommissar” by Falco played in the background.

The episode has a rather abrupt ending, as most cliff-hangers tend to do, and now we all have to just sit here and speculate about what happens. Will Liv give that last dose of the dure to Major? Will she save it, and use it on Evan after donating blood to save his life? Will Major come to terms with being a zombie or will he demand the cure? How will Ravi react when he finds out about all this? And what’s happening with the rat? Did it survive past the 48-hour waiting period? Is it comfy in that hamster ball? Check out the recap, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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The brain of the week is that of Teresa – the drummer for the band Asshats from last week’s episode. Thanks to Teresa’s memory, Liv figures out who killed the kids and why.

022-Fullscreen capture 6102015 91143 AMRavi thinks he’s found a cure for the zombie condition, and urges Liv to wait and see if it’s effects are permanent. He tells her that there is only enough for two doses, and he has no way to replicate more. Vaughn, the C.E.O. from Max Rager, is clearly getting away with murder.

037-Fullscreen capture 6102015 95503 AMSebastian is dead for real now. Vaughn’s hired a new scientist to isolate the zombie-inducing element of the Max Rager drink and remove it. Then he wants to market that resulting product as “Super Max” without the Zombie side effect, he says. (Why don’t I trust that? I think that Vaughn is planning to do something else with the zombie element – hell, he may even be a zombie himself.)

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Cameron, the lead singer from the Asshats, has just made himself a lot of money in exchange for the flash drive. He’s also the prime suspect in Teresa and Nate’s murders (glad I’m not in that band, especially since the lead singer is a killer). Initially, Clive thought thought that Cam was another victim – he had called 911, saying that he was kidnapped, and he was in the trunk of a car and didn’t know where he was. But after some investigation, Clive realized that Cam had faked his own kidnapping. He put out an APB for Cam’s car. While When Cameron went to a diner to deliver the flash drive and collect his bounty on it, he asked a homeless guy to watch his car and let him know if anybody messed with it. A couple of  beat cops found his car, and were inspecting it as he came out of the diner. The homeless guy gave Cam a nod towards the cops, and Cam started to go the other way. The car explodes. 

collage 10Clive goes to the bus station, and gets a bus for Canada – but he’s caught at the border and returned to Seattle. At the station, Clive is interrogating him. Cameron tries to bargain for his release, saying that if Clive doesn’t agree he’ll just get a lawyer. Clive tells him that maybe he should just release Cam and let whoever is trying to kill him finish the job. Cameron rethinks his position, and admits to making a copy of the information on the flash drive. He gives it to Clive, and it turns out to be information documenting the issues with the Max Rager side effects, including an inter-office memo and the article that Rebecca Hinton was working on. Liv calls the editor of the newspaper.

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Liv decides to cure herself, despite Ravi’s warning. But before she can, Ravi calls her and tells her that Major’s gone missing. She asks if he has heard from Peyton. he says he hasn’t. As soon as she gets off the phone with Ravi, she gets a call from Major’s phone. It’s Blaine, offering a trade – the brains for Major. Liv agrees, and Blaine tells her where to meet him. When she shows up, Blaine takes the brains and leaves Liv with a guy she thought was Major but who turned out to be some random guy wearing Major’s Helton Shelter shirt. Liv goes back to the morgue, and steals the cure that Ravi’s been working on.

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Back at the MeatCute, Luta is in the back room cutting some ribs on a tablesaw. Blaine and Julien have gone to meet Liv. Out in the main dining room, Cissie and the rest of Blaine’s crew are having dinner. Cissie gets sick of hearing the saw, so she turns on the stereo, blasting out “Der Kommissar” by Falco.

collage 2Major escapes by starting a fire in the freezer. When Luta goes to investigate, Major takes him out and leaves him in the freezer. He goes to his truck and gears up with the shotgun, the handgun, and the grenade that he bought in last week’s episode. Sidenote – Falco is still singing. 

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He goes up to the window, and fires a shot at the group sitting at the table. One of them goes down, and the other two hide in the back room. Falco plays on while Major takes out Blaine’s crew. He follows the two, and takes out the guy. Cissy begs for her life – Major tells her she can go. As she passes him, she whips out a knife and attacks Major so he shoots her.

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Suzuki is pretending to eat a sandwich when he gets a call about something going on at the MeatCute. He radios that he’s close and he’ll go check it out himself. He says he’ll call for back-up if it’s needed, and heads over to the MeatCute.

collage 6Liv goes to the MeatCute to confront Blaine. She finds Major slowly dying on the floor as Blaine turns off Falco. Liv shoots Blaine from behind, and he faces her. He attacks her, and she stabs him in the leg with a hypo and gives him a does of the cure. Blaine starts bleeding, and freaks out. “What did you do?!” He tells her basically that she’s fucked up – the city is full of zombies that he feeds, and if they can’t get their brains from him it’s gonna be zombie anarchy – many more will die, many more will rise. Major lets it slip that Liv herself is a zombie. Major passes out after hearing this. Liv scratches him, rationalizing that she is saving his life.

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By the time Suzuki gets to the MeatCute, it’s all over. Liv, Major and Blaine are all gone. Suzuki goes inside, without calling for back-up. He finds the place destroyed, and Blaine’s crew dead. He shoots them all in the head to make sure that they don’t get back up. Taking a a handgun off the dead zombie in the back room, Suzuki shoots himself in the leg. He starts writing on the kitchen wall with his own blood. Then he opens the gas valves on the stove.

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Liv gets Major back to her apartment, and he wakes in her bed as she is just about to inject him with the last dose of the cure. When he realizes that she made him a zombie, he accuses her of doing it for selfish reasons, with no regard for what he would have wanted. She lied to him, and didn’t have faith in him. He is not happy.

collage 11Evan shows up for his first day of work at the MeatCute and finds it destroyed. Standing on the sidewalk, he looks in at the broken glass and bodies on the floor – then there is an explosion.

collage 12While news of the Max Rager product side effects circulates, Clive is investigating the crime scene at the MeatCute. He looks at the bodies, and identifies one of them as Julien. He tells an officer to pick up Major, and test his hands for gunshot residue.

collage 13Blaine goes to a vet’s office, and basically holds a gun to the vet while he stitches Blaine up. While he’s waiting for the vet to finish, he eats a sandwich – one that doesn’t appear to have any brain matter in it, and he seems to be enjoying it immensely. The cure appears to work – for now. Although, his hair is still white.

343-Fullscreen capture 6102015 120828 PMLiv is trying to convince Major that she is trying to help him, and is about to try again to give him an injection of the cure when she gets a call from her mom telling her that Evan is in the hospital. When Liv gets there, the doctor is telling Eva that Evan needs blood but he has a rare blood type – Evan is type O, like Liv. Liv steps away as Eva tells the doctor that it’s no problem, because Liv has the same blood type. She urges Liv to go with the doctor.

Liv takes a breath. “No.”344-Fullscreen capture 6102015 120903 PM





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