iZombie Episode 11: Astroburger


Last week, we lost Lowell when he tried to be the man he thought Liv deserved. He tried to take out Blaine when she couldn’t pull the trigger, and ended up getting himself killed. About a million hearts broke when that happened – I heard them all cracking from here! We now know that Suzuki is in Blaine’s pocket, but how deep? He seems to be more and more reluctant to cooperate with Blaine, but his un-life depends on the brains that Blaine provides. Ravi has been working on a cure for zombie-ism, and has found the compound that induces it. Major checks himself into a psych hospital for treatment when nobody appeared to believe him after Julien attacked him. One of Blaine’s major clients made him a very lucrative deal – a large sum of money for an astronaut’s brain.

This week, there’s even more with the crazy. Literally. Liv’s lunch decides to talk back when she eats the brain of a schizophrenic who was convinced he was talking to the devil. At least we didn’t have to wait a whole season to find out that everything was just a delusion – like with that one season of Dallas where Bobby Ewing came back right where he left two seasons prior, in the shower, just for us to find out that the whole season immediately preceding had been “just a dream.”

There are little devils talking to her, leading her around through all this stuff. Meanwhile, in the “actual reality” of the episode, Peyton and Ravi are having a date and all Liv wants are her dan-dan noodles. SPOILER: She never gets them. I wasn’t happy with the way this episode led me to believe that Liv and Major are getting back together, when they probably aren’t. To the show runners and writers, I say – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks, guys.

SHOULD Liv and Major be able to be together? What about Peyton and Ravi? Will Major be able to make good on his threat? Hit the jump for the recap, and tells us what you think in the comments below!





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The primary crime this week is the murder of one of the patients in the psych hospital where Major checked himself into for treatment. The kid was a drug dealer named Scott E, who also happened to be at Lake Washington on the night of the boat party. He told Major that zombies were real, and that he got video of a zombie on his phone. He mentions that he was going to get the video to a friend who worked at the TV station. When Scott E doesn’t show up for his daily chess game with Major, he goes looking for the kid. Finding the door to Scott E’s room unlocked, he goes inside and finds the kid dead in the bathtub, apparently a suicide. he has a slash on his wrist. When Liv, Ravi, and Clive get there Ravi determines that Scott E didn’t kill himself – he was murdered, and the gash in his wrist was cut post-mortem with a toothbrush that was whittled into a shiv.

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After eating Scott E’s brain, Liv gets a vision of him freaking out after sex  – it turns out to be the psychiatrist, and she was actively trying to become pregnant since she and her husband wanted another child but weren’t able to conceive. Soctt E didn’t want kids, and told her to get an abortion, or he would demand a DNA paternity test and go public with the results. The psychiatrist killed him. Clive charged and arrested her in her office.

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Ravi and Peyton are having a date – hanging out at Liv and Peyton’s place, having Chinese food and planning to watch a movie. Peyton wants Liv to hang out with them, Ravi hopes she won’t. Major comes over to talk to Liv and he ends up having dinner with them and crashing on the sofa. But all Liv wanted was her dan-dan noodles, which didn’t make it into the delivered order.

While Peyton and Major chat over the Chinese food on the kitchen counter, Liv hears a voice. She looks at the bag of Hell Fries next to her, and the little devil character is talking to her. She asks Ravi if he hears it. He doesn’t, and comments that Scott E’s brain is finally kicking in.

During their talk, Major had mentioned to Liv what Scott E said about the video. He also kisses her, and asks why they can’t be together. She tells him that zombies are in fact real, and that she is one. He realizes that’s why she called off the wedding, and he hugs her.The next morning, she walks in on a shirtless Major, getting dressed. They chat, and he says he feels like he needs more sleep. She invites him to use her bed while she’s out.

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Liv leaves for work. At the morgue, she finds a man standing in the room. She asks what he’s doing there. When he turns around, Liv recognizes him – it’s Johnny Frost, the weatherman from the local TV station. He says he’s there to identify and claim Scott E’s body. He tells Liv that Scott E was his pot dealer, and they got to be close. Liv asks him if Scott E said anything to him about a video, and the two of them set off to find the kid’s phone. She goes to look through the kid’s personal stuff at the psych hospital, but it’s not there. They go to Scott E’s apartment where they find his laptop. Liv cruises through the files, but doesn’t find what she’s looking for. They don’t find the phone, either. Johnny suggests using the GPS tracker on the laptop to trace the location of the phone.

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They track the phone to another apartment building, and Liv sees a familiar face. It’s the orderly from the psych hospital. Liv figures out which apartment is his, and breaks in by climbing a drainpipe and going through an unlocked window. She lets Johnny in, and she searches the place while Johnny preens and primps. All this time, he has been punctuating every comment with a weather report of the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Liv gets annoyed, because it’s wrong. She complains that it’s clearly much colder than what he says it is.

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She searches the apartment and finds the phone in the toilet tank, along with a bunch of Oxycodone and other drugs. She calls Clive to tell him what she’s found – she says she had a “vision”, but he says they can’t do anything without a warrant. And since there’s no probable cause, he can’t get one. So Liv makes a 911 call to complain about a noisy party at that address, then gets out before the cops arrive. Later that night, Major goes to the orderly’s apartment and climbs in through the window. He looks for the phone but is interrupted by a noise down on the street. Looking out the window, he sees Blaine and Julien arriving.

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Blaine and Julien break into the apartment with gas cans, and start dousing everything. They hear a noise from another room – where Major had gone to hide. When Blaine goes to check it out, he finds nothing but an open window. He torches the apartment, and leaves. But while he and Julien were in the apartment, Major had gotten into the trunk of Blaine’s car. After torching the orderly’s place, they drive to the Meat Cute where Major gets out of the trunk.

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Back at her apartment, Liv finds Major still in her bed. They have a snuggle, and she falls asleep in his arms. She is awakened by a phone call from Clive, telling her that they picked up the orderly from the psych hospital. While she tries to crack the lock screen code in her living room, Johnny Frost continues his weather babble, repeating the same temperatures. Liv finally realizes that it’s the lock screen code, and gets the phone unlocked. She finds the video, but is unprepared for what she sees – a video of herself, having her first zombie meal. There’s a news report on the TV about an astronaut that has just been confirmed to be a missing person, followed by a live weather report – being delivered by Johnny Frost. The Johnny Frost in her living room dissolves, and Liv realizes he was one of Scott E’s delusions.

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There’s a knock on the door, and Liv answers it to find Major in a state of near panic. He tells her that he has proof that zombies exist. She looks confused, since she just told him the previous night that zombies exist. He tells her that he will explain everything, but she needs to know that he’s not crazy. He brings in five coolers of brains that he stole from Blaine’s delivery guy. Liv realizes that everything that happened earlier with Major was also a delusion, and now there’s going to be some very awkward and dangerous repercussions, as Major tells her that he’s going to kill. Every. Single. Zombie.

Will Major make good on that threat? Should he and Liv try to get back together? Will Peyton and Ravi have another date? Will Liv ever get her dan-dan noodles? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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