iZombie Episode 10: Mr. Berserk


Last week, Major was attacked by Julien in his own home. Then Blaine shot Lowell. This event was a pretty big development, and really traumatic for fans of ship Livwell. It put me in a bit of a funk, as well. I didn’t realize how attached to these characters I had become until that point. Well done, show writers! You sucked us all in, and we all bought tickets on that cruise. Now, we’re floundering in the ice cold waters of the realization that Lowell went the way of the Titanic. Hopefully we’ll get a lifeboat soon.

This week, Suzuki covers for Blaine (and by default, Liv) by cutting short the investigation of Lowell’s murder. He tells the investigating detective that it was an obvious suicide, and if the M.E.’s office finds the same, then it’s case closed. Liv attempts to drown her sorrows in the alcohol-soaked brain of the reporter (Rebecca Hinton) that worked with Major on the missing kids issue. Clive digs deeper into the Max Rager problem, and finds some damning evidence that includes the boat party that Liv was at the night she was turned. Clive pulls her off the case due to her alcohol consumption, and Ravi sends her home. She meets someone who identifies himself as Rebecca’s source, and winds up in some deep shit when she figures out who her real source is. Major checks himself into a psychiatric treatment facility, and meets a guy who tells Major that he knows all about zombies. Liv comes clean with Ravi about why Lowell was with Blaine in the first place, and what they had planned. Clive is the voice of reason, talking sense into Major and keeping Liv grounded.

So much “WTF?!” going on with this, and there’s still three more episodes left in the season!

Will Liv tell Major about the zombie thing? Will Ravi get closer to a cure? Will anyone tell Clive about Suzuki? Hit the jump for the recap, and give us your predictions for what’s to come in the remainder of this season of iZombie!


007-Fullscreen capture 5202015 72808 PMLiv is sitting in the interrogation room at the precinct, being questioned about the incident at Lowell’s apartment. Downstairs in the morgue, the coroner brings in a body bag on a gurney. When Ravi opens it, he recognizes the body inside. He goes upstairs to the precinct and finds Clive. He tells Ravi that Liv was found at the scene. Clive tells Ravi what they know so far from witness statements – two voices were heard before the gunshot. “Who do they think did it?” Ravi asks. Clive shrugs towards Liv. “You’re joking,” says Ravi, incredulous. He offers to stay if Clive needs a break. “Actually, you can’t. You need to talk Major off the ledge.” He tells Ravi what happened at the house when Major called. Clive seems convinced that something happened, but not the way that Major said it did. “Folks who get shot three times in the chest just don’t walk away,” Clive says. Ravi is worried about both Liv and Major now, and tells Clive he has to go. “But if anything happens -” “Go,” says Clive. Ravi quickly leaves as Suzuki heads into the interrogation room. He tells the investigating detective that they’re done. “The GSR (Gun shot Residue) on Tracey’s hand is consistent with a self-inflicted wound. Textbook suicide. So long as the M.E.’s office concurs, case is closed. You can go. Sorry for your loss,” he says perfunctorily, looking at Liv as he leaves with the detective.

021-Fullscreen capture 5202015 82209 PMAt home, Ravi confronts Major about what happened, reminding him that he’s on probation. Major gets upset. “You know when it makes sense to buy a gun? When a dude built like a mountain breaks into your house, trying to kill you! When I shot the guy, his eyes turned red! Bright red! What the hell is that?! My gun isn’t the problem. The problem is – what the hell am I gonna do when a guy who takes three shots to the chest and moseys off like it’s nothing comes back! Things just keep happening that don’t make any sense, and it’s like I’m the only one who sees it.” Ravi looks worried. “You’ll be able to see for yourself,” says Major. “Clive’s gonna call us any minute. He’ll say that he found Julien, he saw bullet wounds, and that’ll be that.” “Actually, Clive’s with Liv,” Ravi tells him. “There’s something you should know…”

033-Fullscreen capture 5202015 82452 PMLiv is having nightmares about what she saw that night at Lowell’s and wakes up in fear. She goes to the morgue. Ravi asks her why she’s there as he gives her a supportive hug. “You don’t need to be here,” he says. “I need to eat,” she tells him. She’s obviously upset. “I’m still on PTSD brain, and I keep seeing yesterday over and over,” she says sadly. “Whatever you need, I’m here,” Ravi tells her. “Absolutely anything!” 043-Fullscreen capture 5202015 82727 PMHe tells her that he doesn’t really know what happened, but Clive told him everything he knows. “Suzuki was down here not an hour ago, pushing his version of the story – the end of which is me declaring Lowell a suicide! He wasn’t interested in the fact that the evidence doesn’t support it.” Liv tells him what she saw. Ravi is aghast. “You saw it?” “I don’t wanna talk about it,” she says. Ravi comes to the conclusion that Suzuki is covering for Blaine. “Blaine somehow has the police department in his pocket! First the missing kids, now Lowell? He’s making people disappear!”

“I just want to work,” Liv tells him, “like it’s any day – Tuesday, or whatever day it is… Please, Ravi,” she begs him. “Of course,” he allows. She asks about the body on the slab. “This is Rebecca Hinton, 31 years old, reporter-slash-raging alcoholic. Her cerebrospinal fluid practically came out on the rocks with a lemon twist,” he tells her. “Apparently, she interrupted someone who was robbing her apartment. She was found at the bottom of the stairs with a broken neck.” Liv asks if she was the reporter from the Observer. Ravi asks how she knew. Liv tells him that she was the reporter Major was working with on the story about the missing Helton Shelter kids. She picks up the bone saw. “Wait – you did hear me say she was an alcoholic?” Ravi asks. “If you eat her brain, chances are -” “I’ll end up at the bottom of a bottle. Sold,” says Liv. 052-Fullscreen capture 5202015 83045 PM

Clive finds Julien at the gym. 056-Fullscreen capture 5202015 83210 PMHe tells Julien that Major reported that Julien broke into his house last night, and that Major shot him three times in the chest, and that Julien fled the scene. “Major…? Blonde pretty boy, looks like he fell out of a Nicholas Sparks movie?” Clive nods. Julien tells him that Major was stalking him. “Couple weeks ago, the guy attacked me for my shoes. The other day, he broke into my friggin’  car. He was arrested. Should be on record. Guy’s got a screw loose. Do I look like somebody who took three to the chest last night?” he asks as he sits on a weight bench and starts lifting.

Liv is having an alcohol-soaked brain salad for lunch when Ravi calls her into his office. Her phone buzzes as she enters. “That’s the second time Major’s called – can you just tell him I’m fine?” Ravi just stares at her. “Or not… didn’t think that’d be a stumper,” she says. 068-Fullscreen capture 5202015 84219 PM“I know that avoidance is probably easier for you right now,” he says. “But I think we need to talk about something – the Release of Body form… I think we should say that Lowell killed himself.” He gently explains that there could be all kinds of problems with calling it murder. “The real killer is a zombie. Anyone on Blaine’s trail will be in danger, and we can’t warn them. And if they do manage to catch him, then there’s the whole zombie in a prison problem. He also explains that they don’t know if the body is contagious or not. “I’m sorry I have to ask you… truly… but if we say suicide, then the body can be… we can destroy it. I won’t sign this without your blessing,” he says compassionately. Liv struggles with the decision. “I need a drink,” she says. “Vodka… anything… I’ll take a glass of formaldehyde, just…” She sees Clive literally sniffing her lunch, and this triggers a vision.  081-Fullscreen capture 5202015 85207 PM

From Rebecca’s perspective: She screams as she sees a man in a ski mask going through her things. She tries to run, 084-Fullscreen capture 5202015 85236 PMbut the man pushes her down the stairs.At the bottom of the stairs, the man leans over her and grabs her hand. He places her thumb on her phone and unlocks it. She passes out.

“What’s this?” asks Clive, indicating Liv’s salad. “Shrimp? Smells fantastic!” He tells her that he’s on the dead reporter case, and she’s welcome to help. She tells him that the robbery was a cover-up. “The killer was after something stored on her phone. I saw the killer use Rebecca’s fingerprint to unlock it – yeah, I’m up to it!”

089-Fullscreen capture 5202015 95153 PMAt the precinct, Clive and Liv are interviewing Rebecca’s editor. Clive asks what she was working on. He says she was working on a case involving a college student named Jason Frye, who snapped. “Cracked another kid’s skull open, chucked a girl through a display case… The Library Killer,” he says. “The one year anniversary is coming up.” Clive asks if they can look at the story. “It was due a month ago, so… of course not. Rebecca always liked to miss her deadlines by at least five weeks. Now, I know she had a source… but she never told me… ” he says as he looks through some things in his briefcase. “Oh – I did manage to find a notebook on her desk,” he says as he hands it over. “I’m not sure it’ll be any use.” Liv grabs it before Clive can get a look at it. “It’s in Rebecca’s shorthand – her code,” says the editor. “She was secretive. Very territorial about her stories.”

090-Fullscreen capture 5202015 100501 PM“Could any of these men be her sources?” asks Liv. She reads off a lit of men’s names, finishing with “Mr. Berserk?” Sorry,” the editor says with a shrug. “No idea. That bit there, though – ” he says, pointing to a note on the page, “Sketchy D-bag. If I remember right, he was a classmate of Jason Frye’s.

092-Fullscreen capture 5202015 101644 PMAt an off-campus apartment building, Clive is knocking on a door. “We could just go door-to-door, asking where the sketchy D-bag is,” Liv snarks. “Half of them are law students. We’d be here all day,” Clive responds as he knocks on the door again. The elevator chimes, and a student steps out. “Can I help you?” he asks. “Ryan Fisher?” Clive asks. “Yeah,” says the student. Clive pulls out his badge and identifies himself, and tells Ryan that he’s investigating the murder of Rebecca Hinton. “That’s awful news,” says Ryan. “What happened?” “That’s what we’re trying to find out,” says Clive. He and Liv simultaneously pull out notebooks and pens, and Clive gives Liv a strange look.

“Can you tell us what you and Rebecca spoke about?” Clive asks. “I barely met her. She wanted to know the real Jason Frye.” Clive asks why he would know that. “I’m president of the Debate Society,” Ryan says. “Jason was on my team. I make it my business to know everything about the vassals in my fiefdom.” Liv laughs at this. “Sorry – continue about your… fiefdom,” she says with a mocking grin. Ryan describes Jason with a bunch of hyperbolic adjectives, and Liv chuckles over it. “Look – my point is, for the first time in Jason’s life, he was losing. He spiraled,” says Ryan. “It’s a boring story, really. One more over-stressed overachiever who snapped.”

Clive starts asking about some of the other names that Rebecca had in her notebook, and a woman approaches them. She puts her arm around Ryan. Handing her the keys to his apartment, he tells her that he’ll be there in a moment. She goes into the apartment but as he turns to close the door, she and Liv make eye contact. This triggers a vision. 102-Fullscreen capture 5212015 95722 PM

The woman is yelling. “I told you – I don’t want to talk about it!” She slams the door.

106-Fullscreen capture 5212015 100826 PMRyan is telling Clive he doesn’t know any of those names. Liv and Clive leave, with Liv telling Clive that she wants to walk home.  In a voice-over, she tells us that Rebecca’s lone-wolf policy has it’s benefits. “When I focus hard enough on the task at hand, I don’t have to think about anything else. And if my problems are too big to focus on anything else, if the task at hand isn’t consuming enough – I just consume something else.” She stops at a liquor store.

107-Fullscreen capture 5212015 101001 PMClive goes to Major’s house. “Did you find Julien? Is he dead? asks Major. “Yeah. I found him at the gym. He was benching 350 – less than ten hours after you say you put three bullets in his chest.” Major insists that he shot Julien. Clive shows major a picture of Julien lifting weights on his cell phone. “Is that him?” Major can’t understand what he’s seeing. Clive tells him that he’s been in a lot of rooms where guns went off, and that room doesn’t look like one of them. No blood, no bullet holes. “The man you say you shot didn’t get shot. What you’re saying happened… didn’t happen. And if you believe it did, you’ve got a problem.”

Clive asks, “you ever hear of a 220?” Major shakes his head. “Involuntary psych commitment to a psych facility. We use it when behavior is erratic, dangerous and escalating. You’re three for three.” He warns Major. “Hear this –  get help. Now. Before someone gets it for you.” Major hands Clive back the cell phone.

110-Fullscreen capture 5212015 102019 PMLiv is sitting on a bench outside Ryan’s building, drinking. The woman who went into Ryan’s apartment comes out of the building, and Liv follows her. “He’s not the cuddling type! Shocker,” she calls out. The woman looks back at Liv, and keeps walking. Liv rudely tells the woman that she needs to talk with her. “Screw you,” says the woman. “If a guy lets you walk home at 3 a.m. with your panties in your purse, you’re not his girlfriend,” says Liv, copping an attitude. “I was gonna ask you something… what was it.. Oh yeah! There’s a reporter you talked to – Rebecca Hinton?” “No,” says the woman. Liv’s attitude becomes borderline belligerent. “I am a medical examiner for the Seattle P.D. – ” “Like I frickin’ care!” says the woman. “You can tell that bitch Rebecca to kiss my ass for talking to my parents.” “Well, she’s not really kissing much ass right now – she’s dead,” says Liv.

113-Fullscreen capture 5212015 103325 PMThe next morning, Major is in his room packing. Ravi pokes his head in and asks if Major wants coffee. Major says he’s good. “You’re leaving me? What’s his name?” asks Ravi . “It’s not important,” replies Major. Just know that what we had was real,” he says with a smile. He explains that he talked to his supervisor at the shelter, and was referred to a counselor that specializes in psychotic disorders. “He thinks I’m a good candidate for Blooming Grove.” “You’re not checking yourself into a mental facility – you’re not crazy!” says Ravi adamantly. “You’ve been under enormous stress! You just need to go away – go on vacation!” “Ravi, I’m seeing things,” says Major. He tells Ravi that he swears that Julien was there and that his eyes turned red, and that he shot him. “If someone at my psych internship told me that, and there was a picture of that guy at the gym the next day – there’s no question. It’s delusional disorder with paranoid features. You can’t fix that with a vacation. I don’t have a choice.”

114-Fullscreen capture 5212015 104228 PMAt the morgue, Liv has crashed on the couch with several empty bottles. Her phone buzzes, and she rejects the incoming call from Peyton before opening a shot sized bottle and downing it. Later, as she’s cleaning the autopsy table, she sadly looks over at the drawer where Lowell’s body is stored for a moment, then turns to resume cleaning. The woman from ryan’s apartment walks in. Her name is Connie Roy. She says she’ll tell Liv everything she needs to know – but wants immunity.

Liv takes Connie to talk to Clive. He says that it seemed like Ryan was having problems with Jason before he snapped. Connie explains that Jason was showing Ryan up on the debate team, so he and some other guys from the debate team took Jason to a cabin for a weekend and fed him Jager until he passed out. Then they put make-up on Connie to make it look like she was bruised and bloody. She got in bed next to Jason, and pretended to be dead. Then Ryan woke him up and the guys played it up like Jason blacked out and killed her. Jason freaked out, but Ryan told him that they were his brothers, and they’d handle it. They rolled her up in a sheet and put her in the trunk of Ryan’s car. “Jason was, like.. sobbing,” Connie says. “Then a couple days later, he went psycho.” She says that Ryan told them that if anyone snitched, they would all go to jail. “We all kept our mouths shut, until that Rebecca chick got all up in Ryan’s business, and he freaked. Do i think he’d murder someone to protect his big law career? Hell yes.” “Wait – go back,” Liv says. Did Jason still think he killed you?” Connie nods.

119-Fullscreen capture 5212015 110821 PMAt the Washington State Mental Hospital, Liv and Clive are talking to Jason, who is an inmate/patient. He is staring down at the floor, appearing to be unfocused. Clive asks for his undivided attention, and tells him they want to ask him about Connie Roy. “The girl you killed on the guy’s weekend,” Liv reminds him. “She’s alive.” “Alive?” he asks. Clive confirms it. “I don’t understand,” says Jason, obviously confused. Clive tells him that he was the victim of a prank planned by Ryan Fisher. “He thought you got too big for your britches, so they got you drunk and made you think you killed the girl.” He doesn’t believe that the guys would do that. Clive tells him, “they would – and they did. Connie’s a hook-up of Ryan’s. She confessed.”123-Fullscreen capture 5212015 111905 PM

Clive tells Jason that they need to ask him some questions. “A reporter – Rebecca Hinton – was murdered. We think that Ryan may have done it to keep her from writing a story about this.” Liv asks Jason if Rebecca asked him about this – about Ryan. “No… she said he seemed sketchy. I vouched for him,” Jason says ruefully. Clive asks if he ever mentioned Mr. Jackson or Mr. Richmond. Jason shakes his head. Liv notices a couple of photographs on the wall. She points at them questioningly.”It’s from my dorm’s Halloween party, he says. “What’s with the MaxRager guy?” she asks. A guy in a blue t-shirt with the MaxRager logo is in the picture. “He was going as me for Halloween… I was kind of a Max Rager addict,” explains Jason. “Well.. I used to be.”

Leaving the State Hospital, Liv checks her notes. “Mr. Richmond, Mr. Jackson, Mr. LW, Mr. Berserk… what if it’s not Mister… What if MR stands for MaxRager?” Liv wonders excitedly. Clive tells her they can look into it right after they get Ryan Fisher’s alibi. “Remember that memo Carson McComb told us about? MaxRager knew that their drinks could cause psychotic breaks in people – MR Berserk! This could be why Jason snapped! If they knew that Rebecca was looking into it – goodbye Rebecca!” Clive tells her it’s a good theory. Liv insists that it’s more than a theory. Clive argues that it’s not. “It’s a hunch that you have that may or may not be right – a.k.a. a theory. Ryan Fisher’s a theory too – but one with a witness. So we’ll go through our list in an organized way, and don’t go off half-cocked. Especially when we got heavy things going on in our lives.”

129-Fullscreen capture 5212015 115506 PMLiv goes back to the morgue. The “Release of Body” form is waiting for her, with a note from Ravi. As she searches through her purse for an appropriate bottle to soothe herself, Ravi walks in, agitated. “We need to talk,” he says. “I can’t deal with the form right now – I need another week-” “We have to tell Major,” Ravi says, cutting her off. “Tell Major what?” she asks, confused. “About zombies. About Blaine, the meal plan… about you… everything.”  “I can’t have this conversation now,” she says. “I’m sorry, but we have to,” Ravi tells her. “OK – No. Absolutely not! There. Done?” she retorts. “The Candyman tried to kill him! He didn’t get scratched, but he could have died!” Ravi tells her.

Liv is shocked. “We have to tell him!” Ravi exclaims. “And how does that go? Hey, Major – wacky news. Zombies exists and they’re trying to kill you. Not me, though – I’m a nice zombie!” she says in a tone just short of mocking. Ravi tells her that Major is checking himself into Blooming Grove. “The mental hospital?” Liv asks in disbelief. “He’s being chased by homicidal zombies, and when he’s asked for our help, we’ve told him he’s nuts – of course he thinks he’s mental!” Ravi says, beginning to become distraught. “This is on us! I mean, at what point is it worse telling him than just being honest?” “He’s lost his job… he’s breaking into cars, he’s shooting people – all because he thinks the Candyman is killing kids. What’s his move when he finds out he’s eating them?” Liv asks. “When’s he checking himself in?” “Tomorrow morning… for a few weeks, he said. It’s all he can afford,” replies Ravi. “Well, then – for a few weeks, he’s safe.”

136-Fullscreen capture 5222015 122740 AMAt the bar, Liv is doing shots and stacking the glasses in a pyramid. So far, she’s five shots down. A guy sits down next to her. “Can I buy you a – ” Yes,” says Liv. So… what’s your si-” “Noooo,” Liv cuts him off. The guy walks away, and the bartender pours her another shot. And another… and another. After he tenth shot glass is stacked at the top of the pyramid, the bartender says “Miss, you’re dunzo. Who am I calling to come get you?” Liv groans and puts her head down on the bar. A little bit later, Major comes up behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder. “Hey,” he says, smiling at her. “you ready to go home?” 141-Fullscreen capture 5222015 123718 AM

Major gets Liv home, and gets her into bed. He tries to express his condolences about Lowell. “Don’t…  I’m trying so hard to stay afloat, and if you say his name…” she says. Major understands. He starts to walk away but Liv stops him. “Wait… can you rub my back, like you used to?: she asks. He obliges, laying next to her. She says that ravi told her about Major checking himself in tto the mental hospital. “We can not talk about this, too,” he says. She asks if he’s OK. He cracks a joke to make light of it. “I’ll be fine. It’s not for long,” he assures her. “I’m just sorry that when you need me the most, I lose my mind.” Liv is melancholy. “I screwed everything up,” she says. “Lot of explaining that I wanna tell you…” “Liv – it’s OK,” he says as she falls asleep.

147-Fullscreen capture 5222015 124811 AMRavi is feeding the zombie rat as Liv arrives for work. “How’s zombie rat?” she asks. “Living it up while I deliberate,” Ravi says. “I’ve only one dose of tainted Utopium left, so this is my last shot at cracking zombie-ism.” Ravi jokes about teaching zombie rat a trick. “Really?” says Liv, serious and surprised. “Yeah – I also taught him to declaim Hamlet soliloquies – he holds a tiny skull. It’s quite something. We’re doing Fallon tomorrow,” he says sarcastically. “Shut up,” she says as they both smile.

“So I talked to Sketchy D-bag and his lawyer. Turns out he was at a debate tournament at the time of Rebecca’s murder,” says Clive as he walks in. “But I got something on the Max Rager front.” He tells them he’s been digging through Rebecca’s phone records, and that Jackson and Richmond aren’t people – they’re cities. He explains that Richmond was a woman who’s daughter was doing a double at a burger joint. She flipped out and threw fry oil all over some loudmouthed customers. “No history of violence, she just lost it.” “Like Jason,” Liv compares. “Rebecca asked mom if fry girl drank MaxRager. She did – tons of it. So I checked out who was in Jackson for a violent, out-of-character rageout,  and found a mild-mannered trucker who mowed down half a charity bike race with his 18-wheeler. Guess what he’d been drinking to stay awake on his long haul? MR Jackson and MR Richmond both went MR Berserk,” he says.152-Fullscreen capture 5222015 10722 AM

“If this got out it could sink Max Rager. If Rebecca got her hands on that memo…” says Ravi. Clive says he doesn’t understand what MR LW is. Liv tells him she knows. “Lake Washington. The boat party was sponsored by MaxRager,” she says. Clive says that he thought it was a drunken brawl that got out of control. “Most of the victims died in the fire,” he says. “No – I was there,” says Liv vehemently. “People were tearing each other to pieces! They knew this could happen.. they did nothing!” Clive says he had no idea. “They killed Rebecca! They killed Holly! We gotta get these bastards!” Liv says, angry. “We do,” agrees Clive. “But this is a billion dollar company, and we have to be smart. We have no evidence. We need to build a case,” says Clive. “Preferably before they murder us,” adds Ravi. “I’ll take this upstairs,” Clive says, referring to the file. To Liv, he says “you hang tight. We clear?”

S154-Fullscreen capture 5222015 11838 AMo of course, now Liv has to go to the Max Rager offices. She confronts Vaughn, bursting into his office. He tells him that the Seattle PD is investigation the murder of Rebecca Hinton, and then tells him some of the details of story that Rebecca was working on. Liv also tells him that she was at the party at the lake, and she saw first-hand what it looked like. Vaughn posits that tehre could have been other factors involved. “Was there booze? Could the moon have been full?” Liv tells him that they know about the memo. “Your R&D team warned you, and you deemed the side effect statistically insignificant – you buried it.” Vaughn tells her that the memo does exists, but claims it’s a phony, created by his competitors. His secretary comes back in with security people. She says she checked on Liv’s credentials. “She’s with the M.E.’s office – she shouldn’t be asking you questions!” Vaughn dismisses Liv almost cheerfully. “Your product kills people, and you know it,” Liv accuses. “Live to the max, Ms. Moore!” says Vaughn as she is escorted out. “Just do it somewhere else.”

162-Fullscreen capture 5222015 13704 AMClive is with Ravi when Liv gets back to the morgue. “I specifically told you not to go!” he says. “All I did was ask questions,” Liv tells him. “You’re drunk!” points out Clive. “You’re drunk,” mocks Liv. “You know, I smelled it on you before, and that’s on me for not saying anything,” he says. “But you came back too soon.” Sighing, she says “If I were drunk, could I do this?” She does a little hop and a turn. “Probably, but not as well,” she adds. Clive tells her she’s off the case. “I’m never off the case! The case is in here,” she says. “I’m the murder victim whisperer!” Clive tells her to go home. “You’re literally not the boss of me.” Liv sasses. “But I am,” says Ravi. “And I think you probably should.”

164-Fullscreen capture 5222015 15154 AMAt the bar, Liv is finishing a mojito. The bartender makes her a different drink – one with Max Rager in it. “Sorry – did I forget ordering a glass of poison?” “It’s from that guy,” says the bartender, indicating a guy sitting at a table behind her. He comes over to talk to Liv. “Sebastian Meyer,” he introduces himself. “I’m Rebecca’s source. you gotta help, or they’ll kill me.”

Liv listens as Sebastian tells his story. “When I hadn’t heard from Rebecca for a week, I figured they smoked her. I called her editor – he confirmed. He put me on to you,” he says. With interest, she asks how he was connected to Vaughn. Sebastian tells her he was on the payroll. He weaves a tale of good times, fun and excitement – “I was even his body guard for a minute.” Liv asks what happened. “I stopped being his bitch.”

He says, “when you work for a freak like Vaughn, you get asked to do things that turn your stomach – but you don’t say no. The scratch is too good… the life… the women… ” He says that he had his eye on Eliza Marquette, and this piques Liv’s interest even further. “She was taking heat for a bad jump, then disappeared.” liv tells him she knows all about Eliza and that she was protecting the memo. Sebastian tells her she needs to get her hands on the memo. She says that Vaughn told her the memo is a fake, and Sebastian calls Vaughn a liar. He tells her that Rebecca’s other source says that it’s real. Liv is surprised to find out that there’s another source – someone still on the inside, someone close to Vaughn. “We have to get to him and get the memo fast… ”

Back at the morgue, Liv is telling Ravi about her talk with Sebastian. She mentions that he told her about a second source. “Why can’t I figure this out?” she says. “You’d think with all the drinking, you’d be incredibly sharp,” Ravi snipes. He suggests that maybe she kept everything in her head. Liv doesn’t buy it. She says that Rebecca was obsessive about her calendar. She noted everything from when she’d drink to when she would go to pilates. “She has her whole pilates class schedule scribbled here… all pre-dawn. I haven’t been an alcoholic that long, but I can tell you that the only time I woke up before 10 AM was when Peyton had to use the toilet I was passed out on.” “Thank you for that mental image,” says Ravi. “I totally have to go, don’t I?” Liv realizes. “Blaaarrgh!” “How will you know who you’re looking for? Ravi asks. “Maybe one of them will be working out in their ‘I’m a Disgruntled Max Rager Employee’ t-shirt. I don’t know.. I need to get lucky.”

2-Fullscreen capture 5222015 35214 AM

Liv arrives at the pilates studio looking hung over. She recognizes Vaughn’s secretary Adele. After the class, Liv talks with her in the locker room. “I’ll save you the time,” says Adele. “No – they know Rebecca had a source who has the memo. It took me less tahn a week to find you, how long do you think it’ll take them?” Liv tells her. “If I go public, exactly zero minutes!’ Adele says in a panic. “I can protect you,” says Liv. “You?! You barged into American Psycho’s office posing as a police officer! Thanks, but no.”

4-Fullscreen capture 5222015 35352 AMLiv tells her that Rebecca found three separate cases of Max Rager induced violence – “a dozen dead, more injured.” “That’s not my problem,”Adele tells her. “If you believe that, you wouldn’t have been brave enough to swipe that memo.” She tells Adele that they can go to the police right now, and once the story’s out she’ll be safe. “You’ll be able to protect me?” she asks. “Yes,” Liv reassures her.

1-Fullscreen capture 5222015 41038 AMAdele says she’s going to change and then they can go. She goes to a private dressing room. Liv waits… and waits. She finally gets a clue, and goes to check on Adele. The window in the dressing room is open, and Adele is gone. Liv leaves the studio, and goes to the parking garage, calling Adele’s name. Sebastian is waiting, wearing brass knuckles.. “Are you ok?” he asks. “You look a little pale.” He hits her, knocking her out.

3-Fullscreen capture 5222015 42132 AMLiv wakes up on a boat. She sees Adele lying on the deck nearby, her head bloodied. She looks either unconscious or dead. Sebastian is going through her pockets, and notices Liv is awake. “Well! Look who takes a lickin’ but keeps on tickin’!” he says with a sadistic smile. “Thanks for smokin’ out our whistleblower for us. I swear, you had no pulse! But I’m glad you’re up – I never get to chat when I’m on the job… for obvious reasons,” he says with a chuckle.

He finds a USB drive on Adele’s key chain, and pockets it. He says, “The boss would want me to destroy this. But I got the memo, and the memo’s leverage, right? Gotta keep it.” He throws Adele’s body overboard. “See ya – wouldn’t wanna be ya.” Tied to her body by a long rope is a cinderblock – Sebastian tosses that over next. Liv realizes that she is tied in a similar fashion. She passes out again.

1-Fullscreen capture 5222015 44306 AM“There you are,” Sebastian says to her as she wakes up. Laying on the deck next to her, he touches her face and gets her blood on his fingers. To Liv’s horror, he licks the blood off without a thought. “Oh man… I cracked you good,” he says. “So sorry, sweetheart. Adele really screwed you, here. Big time. That selfish bitch was blackmailing the company – she was never gonna give you the flash drive.” He caresses her face, moving his own face closer. “Now here you are, off to bed in the deep blue. Don’t be afraid – the water’s quick.”

1-Fullscreen capture 5222015 44728 AMLiv slams her head against his. “Oh god! mother of dragons! That hurts,” he howls as liv gets up in full zombie mode. She swings the cinderblock attached to the rope, and knocks Sebastian overboard. As she scrambles to the bridge and tries to get the motor started, Sebastian starts swimming for the boat. Just as he reaches the aft ladder, the motor finally starts and liv pushes it hard forward. Sebastian gets caught in the propeller. Liv takes the boat and heads for shore.

Back at the morgue, Liv is telling Ravi about what happened. “So Sebastian… this Max Rager enforcer… is dead?” he asks. “I assume so,” Liv replies. “He’s down there with Adele, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the police found Eliza Marquette too.” “How are you feeling?” he asks her. “Hungover,” she says as she puts several little bottles of liquor on the table in front of him. “And what am I doing with these?” he asks. “Getting those away from me,” she says. She hands him the Release of body for,. “Sign it,” she tells him. As he signs, she says “There’s something else. I didn’t tell you the whole story…” She tells him that Lowell and Blaine were together because they set Blaine up. She tells him how Lowell lured Blaine out onto the balcony and she was across the street with a sniper rifle. “I couldn’t do it. So Lowell stepped up, and it got him killed. It’s my fault he’s dead.”

1-Fullscreen capture 5222015 50814 AMAt the psych facility, Major is in a group therapy session. He’s telling the group about why he’s there, and what happened. He starts to say something about Julien’s eyes turning red, but catches himself. “Doesn’t matter… It wasn’t real.” he finishes. After group is done, one guy approaches Major as they are putting away the folding chairs. “Hey man… I know what you’re dealing with… guys like your Candyman.” “Yeah?” says Major. “Thanks… Scotty, was it?” “Scott E! Not Scotty like ‘y’… Scott E like… well, like E. Seperate.” “Right,” says Major, as he turns to leave the room.

2-Fullscreen capture 5222015 51233 AMSoctt E follows him. “Almost didn’t make it out that night,” he says. “Those guys were crazy strong. I still have nightmares about those eyes. they were red… glowing…” Major stops in the hall and turns to him. “You know what they are, right?” Scott E says. “What are they?” asks Major. “Zombies, dude. This city has a zombie problem.”

collage 1At the morgue, Liv is crying over Lowell’s body. Ravi hears, and goes in to give her a hug. “I’m gonna find Blaine,” she says. “And next time… I’m gonna pull the trigger,” she vows.

Sebastian’s body lays washed up on the beach, gashes in his face from the boat’s propeller. He gets up in zombie mode, eyes glowing red.6-Fullscreen capture 5222015 52535 AM


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