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INJUSTICE 2 Announced!

INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us was one of the best surprises of the previous console generation. After the awkward and painful DC Universe vs Mortal Kombat, no one expected that a Netherrealm Studios-developed fighting game with DC characters would be that interesting, but the game turned out to be an incredibly tight, fun fighter with a story that was good enough to inspire an ongoing DC comic – one that’s actually very good. So it’s not exactly a surprise that INJUSTICE 2 is coming. But man is it a welcome piece of news.

Netherrealm and WB Games released the first teaser for the upcoming sequel this morning, in advance of, we’re sure, showing it off at E3 next week. While the trailer doesn’t tell us much, it does hint at a story. The original game was a story of alternate universes. The DC heroes from our world were drawn into a conflict with a dark alternate universe where Superman had turned his back on humanity and become Earth’s dictator. Now, those same heroes (plus brand new addition, Supergirl) are battling each other once again, this time in “the pit.” No word on why they’re fighting yet, but the word “pit” definitely calls to mind a certain villain who’s name sounds like “Darkseid.”

The heroes also all seem to have the ability to gain Tron-like armor, which will likely be a gameplay mechanic. Hopefully, it won’t replace the super moves from the previous game, because nothing beat punching your opponent into space.

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