Revolution imagined by IDW

IDW Publishing Announces Shared Hasbro Comic Universe

IDW has announced a shared universe for a small selection of Hasbro Properties, cherry picked from what seems to be the highlight of a majority of our childhoods, the Saturday morning cartoon. The unifying story line will incorporate the series of Transformers, G.I. Joe, Micronauts, Rom, M.A.S.K., and lastly Action Man.

This epic event will be called Revolution

According to IDW, this will not be a reboot for your beloved cartoon franchises. Writers Cullen Bunn and John Barber will use key building blocks from each series and incorporate them with the beginning of Revolution. Everything that fans have enjoyed in all of the series will remain intact and everything going forward will be affected by this convergence.

It’s easy to see why IDW and Hasbro would be doing this. With Marvel Studios’ consistent success  it shouldn’t be surprising that other entertainment companies want to replicate the extensive nature of the Marvel Universe. We are seeing continuity and canon becoming focal points and important to content producers. This can be further conveyed by Hasbro itself:

“We’ve done plenty of crossovers in the past,” said Michael Kelly, Head of Global Publishing at Hasbro, “but nothing near this scope or scale. Our heroes, whether they are from Earth or from distant reaches of the galaxy, all have one thing in common: their powers and abilities are based primarily on technology. We have been able to use this fact to build a natural and believable link between all of these disparate characters. The result is a complex and dynamic world where all manner of conflicts and team-ups can and will exist. If you are a fan of Hasbro’s brands, your time is now.”

The only questions that I have are this:

What will this do to the existing Transformers and G.I. Joe movie titles?

Will Hasbro be able to replicate Marvels success?

The launch of Revolution will be in September and it’ll run as a bimonthly five issue series written by Cullen Bunn and John Barber, with illustration done by Fico Ossio.

Scott Woodbury
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