Hydra finally linked to Trump Administration

Yesterday we learned that ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was renewed for another season, and someone has given proof as to just how popular and impactful the show is. Because the internet has been abuzz, when it was noticed that typing in the website www.hail-hydra.com, automatically forwards to the official White House website. This parallels the television show, which in an Orwellian type of prophecy, tells the story of our heroes being plunged into an artificially created universe where the country has been strong-armed and overtaken by fascist group Hydra.


Hydra logo courtesy of ABC and Marvel Entertainment.

While in the simulated universe known as ‘the framework’, the show has made some blatantly direct shots at the Trump administration. The Marvel Agent’s Of SHIELD heroes have been thrust into the world, and the inhabitants of it exist in a near perpetual military state, completely under a Hydra’s control. With each episode there is a new and fun reference to the current executive branch of our government here in America. One week we saw the writers work in the phrase “Nevertheless she persisted”, and the next week we saw a reference to the Donald Trump Access Hollywood tapes when a Hydra newscaster says to a woman, “It’s no bother. You need to buy furniture. I know a good place to go.” We even saw Coulson deliver an on air broadcast a la Keith Oberman, exposing to the fantasy world’s general public, that Hydra had been feeding them “Alternative Facts”. One of which was his revealing Hydra’s background actually stemmed from the regime of Hitler. Last but not least, was the formulation of a resistance with a theme of ‘Resist’.


Agents of SHIELD logo courtesy of ABC and Marvel Entertainment.

This is only an example of a few direct parallel’s the show’s writers have so brazenly and eloquently woven into a web of action packed intrigue. One which has captured us all like flies, and has us pulling fun pranks like linking a hydra website to the White House. They’ve definitely set a high bar for season five, and I’ll definitely be watching.

Brian J. Patterson
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