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Hilarious Horizon Zero Dawn glitch turns Aloy into Harry Potter

Guerrilla Games has done a fantastic job of updating its dystopian open-world game “Horizon Zero Dawn,” and that adds a level of product quality to a game that has received stellar reviews for its challenging gameplay and incredible story. There’s a pretty big glitch, however, that causes some hilarious unintended consequences…

So hilarious that we hope the glitch never gets fixed.

The bug basically turns Aloy into a magic, floating, invisible broom rider, hovering across desert. Without spoiling the story, eventually Aloy gets to an area where she cannot enter without a disguise. Once the player equips a certain piece of armor, you can walk around and talk to boring NPCs to your heart’s content. Until the player equips that armor, however, it’s like an invisible, impenetrable forcefield encircles the area. When Aloy walks up to it, she stops, and says something about changing clothes or whatever.

Things don’t go that smoothly if Aloy rides into town on a mount. Watch for yourself:

The mount plows forward into the forbidden area, still basically controllable by the player (to a point — I couldn’t get the mount to pick up speed once I was all “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”). But instead of Aloy’s tuckus hitting the desert floor, surely removing some HP, she floats and patiently waits for the steed to get away from the magic forcefield. You can trot across the perimeter of Stephen King-like dome (there are no butchered cows, no worries) and even cross in and out. Aloy floats back on and off hilariously, like a Vegas magic trick, only you can’t see the wires.

This is, of course, amazing with photo mode.

The bug was first spotted by members of the game’s subreddit, and sure enough its replicatable. I haven’t observed any negative effects from the glitch — it doesn’t crash the game or cause other graphic goofs, and it doesn’t give players an unfair advantage or disadvantage. It’s just fun.

That’s why I hope it stays. Please, Guerrilla — never fix this bug. Never never never.

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