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Homeland Security Warns Windows Users to Kill Quicktime

Homeland Security’s conveniently named United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (shortened to US-CERT, which is hardly better) has put out a warning to all Windows Users of Apple’s Quicktime. Two new bugs have been discovered in the software by the Department, bugs which create vulnerabilities in Windows systems. These bugs allow executables to be installed on Windows systems while connected to malicious sites. The only solution, the Department suggested, is to immediately uninstall Quicktime.

Though extreme, this is an inevitable consequence of Apple ceasing its support for the program, unfortunately after releasing the patch that contained these bugs. While Apple has not made a full comment, the company joins the Government in urging Windows users to delete their product. Having checked this information with the Department of Homeland Security and Snopes, we at the Ace of Geeks have made sure Quicktime is deleted or long since deleted.


Jarys Maragopoulos
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