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Hey guys! Your weekly recapper Raven, here. I’ve been trying to decide what shows to spend my time on for this season of TV, and I thought I’d let you help me decide. Let me know in the comments which of these you want to hear more about every week! These are some of the shows I watched this week:

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American Horror Story: Hotel

The premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel was…. interesting. It caught me off-guard. I had been looking forward to this since it was announced, and I did enjoy it for the most part – except for one scene. There is a pretty graphic rape scene that is shot from several angles, and goes on for way too long. It’s the only real problem I have with the series as a whole – sometimes the sexual violence is meaningful to the story, but sometimes it’s just there because they can put it there. I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t see or hear it, and move along now.

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There’s a killer (or killers) loose at a hotel. Is it Iris at the front desk, or is it the junkie in room 64? Wait – maybe it’s the cross-dressing Liz Taylor? Or is it the gimp? We’ll find out about halfway through the season, as is standard for this series. That’s about when things start to become even more obvious, and the clues start to make more sense.

This reminded me a little bit of Quentin Tarantino’s Four Rooms. It jumped back and forth through the various characters and their storylines, and these things take place at various points in time – so there’s no real chronological order yet. But I’m sure that will straighten itself out as it always has. It’s become a game for us at my house – see who can figure out how all the clues are connected first.

There’s the two foreign girls who arrive for a vacation, and realize that they got a bad deal on the hotel but now they’re stuck with it. They can’t get a refund, so they end up sticking it out. There’s no cell service, no WiFi, the ice machine is sooooo far away, and there are creepy kids at the end of the hall.  The maid in the hall is steaming a blood-stained sheet. Wait – who the hell steams a sheet covered in blood?! That’s a sure way to get that stain to set! The room reeks, and all their scented candles aren’t helping. This appears to be the source of the stench:

4-Fullscreen capture 1092015 101443 PM

The girls later become lunch for the creepy kids in the hall.

Then there’s the addict who just wants a room so he can shoot up. The junkie and her gimp come to play with him, and sorry J. Jonah Jameson but no pics of Spidey here. Nothing to see, move it along.

Next up – a couple who were caught mid-coitus, cheating on their respective spouses, are posed mid-act on the bed. She was killed while riding him, and he was allowed to live but had his tongue cut out and his eyes removed from their sockets. That’s them, over there in the ashtray on the nightstand:


Can ya see what I’m sayin’?

Oh – and whoever the killer is, the bastard is a sicko. It seems that he may have replaced the couple’s personal lube with Superglue.

Our focal character this season is a cop who is having family issues. His son was kidnapped, and ever since then he and his wife have not been able to see eye-to-eye on anything. As the subject character, Lady Gaga makes her appearance at about the halfway point – a deceptively beautiful Countess. But a scene earlier on hinted at the nature of the character – her glove changed from gold to gray. By the end of this episode, a few things have become clear. The theme this season is vampires. The cop is the central character, and the players are the vampires at the Hotel Cortez. Of course, the gimp will be there too. I was actually expecting “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell to be the theme song for this season, what with all the fish-eye lens shots and the references to sight and eyes.

“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…”

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The Flash – “The Man Who Saved Central City”

The premiere of The Flash brings us a sadder Barry and a more aggressively take-charge Iris, who is finally becoming a regular part of the team. Barry blames himself for Ronnie’s death in the singularity, and for all the collateral damage to the city.

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R.I.P. Ronnie

He’s been fixing up all the damaged stores and offices at night, by himself. Now the Mayor wants to give The Flash the key to the city. Iris talks him into attending the event. Barry gets a visit from Dr. Wells’ attorney, who hands over a thumb drive with a video file on it of Well’s final will and testament. He doesn’t watch it right away; he’s too busy feeling sorry for himself.

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Yes… that’s Adam Copeland, a.k.a. WWE’s Edge. I promise.

When a new Meta-human appears at the “Flash Day” city rally, Barry takes off to fight him alone, leaving his comm device behind. The team names this Meta-human “Atom-Smasher” and they get a little more aggressive about not letting Barry go it alone. Cisco tracks the Meta-human to a facility that handles radioactive material, and hacks into the security camera system to keep an eye on Barry. When the Meta-human puts Barry up against the wall and starts choking him, Cisco sets off the facility security alarms. This distracts the bad guy and allows Barry to escape. Once out of there, Barry passes out. He wakes up at STAR Labs and has a heart-to-heart with Joe, who reminds him that they are all in this together and they are all responsible for choices made. Barry accepts this and decides to make amends starting with Caitlin.

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Caitlin convinces Barry to watch Wells’ video. Not only is it his final will and testament leaving STAR Labs to Barry, it’s a full confession to the murder of Barry’s mother. Henry is released from prison, and Barry is excitedly looking forward to rebuilding a life with his father. Henry has other plans, and tells Barry that he’s leaving. He of course doesn’t understand at first, but eventually accepts it. The group sets about beefing up the facility’s security and making other improvements. Just as they are bragging that nobody will be able to get in or out of the facility without them knowing about it, a figure calls to Barry from the door. It turns out to be the photographer that’s been covertly photographing Barry from a distance.

“You don’t know me, Barry Allen. But I know you. I came to warn you – your planet is in danger.”

arrow-season-4 (1)

Arrow – “Green Arrow”

Diggle, Althea and Laurel have been trying to save the city on their own since Oliver and Felicity moved on to live their happy life, and they were doing alright – until M. Bison from Street Fighter Damien Darhk and his army of “ghosts” came to town. His goal is to destroy the city, and rebuild it into something that he can control.

Thea and Laurel

The girls realize they are in over their heads when they figure out on one of their missions that there’s more to this than what they see. They convince Diggle that they’re in too deep and that they need help. Thea and Laurel interrupt Oliver’s proposal to Felicity, and convince him to come back to the team. He asks Felicity’s opinion. “Our friends need us. Why aren’t we in the car yet?” she responds.


There are issues of trust – specifically, lack of it – between Diggle and Oliver. Dig has been trying to understand it, and he believes that it’s not that Oliver won’t trust or respect – it’s that Oliver CAN’T. He doesn’t feel these things, therefore they don’t exist for him. They’re working on it, but Diggle’s not quite there yet.

Oliver suits up in the armor that Cisco made for him and goes to confront Bison Darhk on a train built to level the city. After averting that disaster, he publicly addresses the city. Seeing as how the Arrow was killed off last season, Oliver declares his support for the city as “the Green Arrow” and rejoins Canary and Speedy the Red Arrow (“Don’t call me Speedy!”) as one of Starling City’s heroes..

Are you watching these shows? Tell us what you think of them in the comments, and I’ll be back with more next week!


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