Get Hype for Pokemon Day – Exclusive Photos and Info!

Come one come all, gather my Pokemon trainers for in one week it is the fabled once-in-a-lifetime POKEMON DAY!

That’s right, this upcoming weekend, the Pokemon franchise will celebrate its twentieth birthday, the anniversary of that fated day of February 27th, 1996, when Pocket Monster Red and Green versions released for the Nintendo Game Boy in Japan.

Across the US retailers are gearing together to create a magical weekend, and here at Ace of Geeks we are gearing together to be your one-stop shop for information about what to expect!

Non-Exclusive Promotions and Releases

There are a host of non-store exclusive releases to coincide with the event, including a brand new New Nintendo 3DS featuring artwork of Blastoise and Charizard (the cover Pokemon of Pokemon Red and Blue, as the first two games were called in Western Markets). Additionally iTunes will be making a large amount of the animated feature films available for download, as well as special streams becoming available through Pokemon TV (available on iOS, Android, and through On the Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are all seeing releases for the virtual console.


Additionally, a brand new Trading Card Game expansion, called Generations, is being released to commemorate the event. The expansion will feature booster packs and themed-boxes with exclusive promo cards and metal pins. The set itself includes over 110 cards, within which is the second Radiant Collection, a 32 card subset with unique art, 16 Pokemon-EX cards including 4 Mega Evolutions, and of course online code cards to play the Pokemon TCG Online game.


Toys R Us Exclusive Promotion

To begin with in-store exclusives, Toys R Us, haven of the original Pokemon US retail events (since of course TRU held the original Mew distribution events in the US) has prepared a day full of exclusive swag for visiting trainers! Customers at Toys R Us in the United States will receive two exclusive foil Trading Card Game cards from the new Generations expansion featuring of course the ever-popular character eponymous with the Pokemon name, Pikachu, and the ever frustrating Magikarp. In addition to these two cards, visitors will receive a Pokemon activity book and a Poster of the original 151 Pokemon (for you folks new to the franchise, that’s starting with 001 Bulbasaur, and going through 151 Mew). Finally, those who purchase the new Generations expansion will receive a TRU-exclusive Generations-themed folio.

Fortunately for all of the trainers tuning in to Ace of Geeks for your Pokemon News, we have acquired some exclusive photographs of the Toys R Us giveaways! Additionally, through this scoop we have also learned that on April 2nd two additional promo cards will be available at Toys R Us stores across the US: Clefairy and Meowth! Check out everything that’s available:

GameStop Exclusive Promotion

The next in-store stop in the US for fans should be GameStop, which is offering a Legendary-themed Pokemon Poster with any purchase, which coincides with their ongoing Mew download distribution, ending on February 24th. Finally, GameStop will have an exclusive Mew plush that is available to purchase while supplies last! To put the figurative cherry on top of the euphemistic cake, GameStop will also be holding preview tournaments of the brand new WiiU title, Pokken Tournament, all day on Saturday.


Nintendo World Store Party

For those fans lucky enough to be within spitting distance of the Nintendo New York in Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, which was originally the US Pokemon Center, there will be surprise events and giveaways all day. The nature of these are still a mystery, however, as the store, which reopened on February 18th after being closed for a much anticipated remodel, is playing it very hush-hush. Suffice to say, if previous Pokemon parties are anything to go by, this event will be a doozy and will definitely be worth traveling shorter distances for!


Shigeru Miyamoto wishes the Nintendo New York a happy re-opening on twitter.


JapanLA Pokemon Pop-up Shop the Second!

On the West Coast JapanLA in Los Angeles will be having their second Pokemon Pop-up shop featuring exclusive merchandise from a variety of manufacturers and clothing labels available in-store only for a limited time. After their first pop-up shop last year a small amount of the merchandise was available online, however the popular items sold out so quickly that it left fans hungry for more. There are no photos as yet of what to expect, but fans should be gearing up for an awesome party with super cool merchandise.




Finally for those fans and trainers who are unable to make it to in-store events (or, like me, have to “catch ’em all!”) will be releasing a whole host of new, official, and exclusive merchandise all week to celebrate the upcoming anniversary.


In Japan the place to be will, of course, be the Japanese Pokemon Centers, which are releasing a veritable ton of exclusive merchandise commemorating the original two game releases, as well as events and giveaways to celebrate the day.

Have we missed anything? Do you know more amazing events in the US, or abroad that are worth mentioning on this list? Let us know in the comments and we will add them as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading Pokemon Trainers, now get out there and fill up your Poke(merch)dexes!

In the meantime stay tuned to the Ace of Geeks all week for updates and articles from our resident Pokemon Masters!


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