Get Your First Look at Iron Fist and the Defenders!

Marvel and Netflix have been on an absolute roll over the last few years, with two kickass seasons of Daredevil and a season of Jessica Jones that blew our minds. Now they enter into a little bit more difficult territory – how to carefully craft a kung fu story, and how to take all four of these disparate characters and give them their own Hell’s Kitchen Avengers. Last night at San Diego Comic Con, we got our first look at both Iron Fist and The Defenders, and we’ve got them for you here:

Iron Fist looks to be the first of the Netflix shows to actively cover the origin story of its hero, as the footage from the trailer shows Danny Rand getting rescued as a child in the mountains of Kun Lun, and then returning to New York as a shoeless monk. Still no sign of how the action will be – I know Daredevil’s fight scenes were amazing, but I’m still really hoping we get to see more of a Hong Kong action film with Iron Fist. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, in the first teaser for The Defenders, we get…not much at all. Which makes sense, as Marvel hasn’t even begun filming this series. But we do get one key piece of information: Stick will be involved somehow. Presumably he’s the one to bring whatever massive threat will require all four heroes to their attention.

The Defenders is going to be an interesting nut to crack. If it were a movie, they could follow the Avengers formula and have the heroes hear about a threat, bicker, get together, and save the city. But as a full series, there’s going to be a lot more ground to cover in order to make this not feel like an extended team up just for the sake of a team up. I’m excited to see what Marvel and Netflix can do.

There’s no release date for either series yet, but I’d expect to see Iron Fist in the spring and The Defenders next fall.

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