Film maker George A. Romero has passed away

George A. Romero, aged 77,  has passed away. Variety is reporting the cause of death as lung cancer. Romero’s career spanned nearly 50 years, and includes movies, television, comics, and video game cameos.

Although he is widely recognized for his work in the horror genre, primarily with zombies, he got his start in film with tv and commercials. One of his early film projects was a segment for “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” in which Mr. Rogers has a tonsilectomy.

Most popularly, his works included “Night of the Living Dead,” Stephen King’s “Creepshow” and “The Dark Half,” and more recently, a cameo in ne “Escalation” DLC map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Romero collage

Back in 2014, Marvel Comics began releasing “Empire of the Dead,” a 15-issue miniseries written by Romero. The series features both zombies and vampires.In May 2015, it was announced at Cannes that the production company Demarest was developing the comic series in to a TV series. The series was to be written and executive produced by Romero and Peter Grunwald. 

Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead”) has cited Romero as a major influence on his work, and James Gunn (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) posted a poignant, touching tribue to Romero on his own Facebook page, and tweeted it:

Known as the “godfather of horror,” George Romero was also known for his sense of humor. I can’t help but believe that right now he’s working on coming to get us, Barbara.




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