Gen Con Day 2 Report!

We’re back with another edition of the team at Komedio reporting live from Gen Con! Here’s everything they played yesterday:




Tirumari: What we played was an early beta, so keeping that in mind, the biggest appeal to me was the atmosphere. Komedio’s played a lot of Imperial Assault in our time, and we’ve also played the TMNT game that had similar mechanics. While this game is derived from their company’s Conan game, I saw a lot of similarities between this game and Imperial Assault and TMNT. So, while a lot of it was familiar, I was more excited about playing with and against certain characters, and really enjoyed the fact that characters like Clayface and Nightwing are planned for the future. The character builds made a lot of sense, and the flow felt comic-accurate as well, but the mechanics didn’t necessarily wow me. So, as a Batman fan, I’m more than happy to see what they develop and add by their Kickstarter debut next February!

Stephen: Playing the one scenario they had seemed pretty fun, but it’s definitely a steeper learning curve and not casual play. I think this is going to end up being the kind of game where each individual scenario will feel very thematic and like an adventure out of the comics, but I’m not seeing how a campaign could work in this kind of game. I was told this game will EXCLUSIVELY only be available via Kickstarter, and the sculpts are flatout gorgeous, so this might end up being a must-buy from me just because it’ll haunt me if I don’t get it later on.

Kristee: I was able to be all the bad guys, which is generally not something I get to do playing with Komedio. It was thrilling, I think I was about to win and wipe out everyone. I would have liked to see how that played out.



Tirumari: Super fun, super clean, super easy to pick up. I’m honestly pretty terrible at most hidden-role games, but this one was fast-paced enough that I was swept up in the fun and the art and vibe of the game overall. Not only did I really dig the art, but the card’s physical designs were nice, and the tokens were really well-made, which I know is an odd thing to focus on, but I liked their quality. The most refreshing part for me was the fact that the “renegade” character is actually a pacifist “hippie” who has to try their best to lose; a really fun spin on a popular hidden-role mechanic.

Stephen: There’s a lot of hidden role games in board gaming right now, but this is immediately one of the better ones I’ve played. This one has a very fun mechanic of roles being swapped around without you always knowing what your role has become. I think this game is finely tuned and ends at the right time without dragging on too long. With the easy rules and simple components, I think this will be a great warm up/rest game, but it’s not going to be one that takes up your whole gaming night.

Marc: As the veritable newbie to most of these games, I was really surprised with how quickly I picked up on “Secrets.” Less about mechanics and more about people-watching, it’s more of a game of wits, which was a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the games I saw demoed. No miniatures to paint, no terrain to buy — just you, some friends, and the occasional really bad Russian accent. Definitely a satisfying appetizer for the games to come.

Kristee: Secrets was a fun hidden role game. I really enjoy playing these types of games with groups of friends I know well enough to get into reading each others moves and using psych outs strategies. The art was fun, the concept of the hippy as the lone wolf type was entertaining, the roles and actions resolved during game play were really enjoyable too.




Tirumari: It was a really fun, accessible Dungeons and Dragons campaign that allows everyone to play without needing a DM. Pure co-op and a lot of mechanics for helping each other allowed us to really prioritize the team and mission and not focus on our own gain. The art’s gorgeous and the characters, even though they’re templates that we’re supposed to build on, looked really detailed and fleshed-out, which strengthened the story elements overall!

Stephen: This feels a lot like everything I wish the Pathfinder Adventure Card game was. Each character class has a nicely unique feel to it, and I get to co-op adventure with all my friends! The legacy elements definitely feel like there’s less replayability, but I feel like this is going to be a game that will last quite a while, with a lot of fun adventuring along the way.

Marc: Now, this is what I’m talking about. I’m definitely more of a D&D guy, so to see a game I’m so familiar with be represented with cards was something that took getting used to, but ultimately seemed fun. It’s a little bit of “Sentinels of the Multiverse” in how combat is represented (which is a plus) — but with the limited demo that we played, we unfortunately didn’t really get to anything resembling a campaign. That said, I think the experience was very positive, though I can’t help but wonder if it’s ideal for a group looking for a more traditional role-playing experience.

Kristee: I really liked this one. As I am just getting into Pathfinder and having some experience with Imperial Assault, this was really neat to see a cooperative game as a card game rather than using dice. I really like dice, like so much, but this had a neat feel to it as far as like building a deck and knowing what ideally can come up and has a fun controlled gamble feel to it bit.




That’s all for today, but look for more coverage soon!

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